Meow Wolf Teams Up with Duo Beach House for Thought-Provoking Music Video

A journey into awareness. The casting off of society’s expectations. A moment wherein a person’s entire life is upended as

Meow Wolf Beach House

A journey into awareness. The casting off of society’s expectations. A moment wherein a person’s entire life is upended as they learn to stop living for other people’s wishes and embrace the voice whispering in their own heart. All of these things are evident in the new music video that is a collaborative effort between artist collective Meow Wolf and Baltimore pop duo Beach House. The video, “Marin’s Dreams,” is a psychedelic journey through symbolism of womanhood, awareness, awakening, catharsis, and change. It’s filmed partially in Meow Wolf’s new Las Vegas art installation and celebrates the theme, and to put it mildly: the video is absolutely stunning.

Marin’s Dreams and Marin’s Awakenings

Meow Wolf Beach House

If you had created an art installation and wanted to advertise it, you might take pictures. You might run ads. You might release trailers showcasing the installation’s features with a ticker at the bottom lauding its merits.

Not so for Meow Wolf. The artist collective instead created something that is art in itself; a journey for you to walk, one that just might lead you right to the doors of their Las Vegas exhibit, Omega Mart.

But the story isn’t just Omega Mart, it’s the journey in the video. Marin’s Dreams is a jaw-dropping, visually pleasing, thought-provoking and meaningful story about more than one girl—it’s about an entire generation’s awakening. The video begins with a teenaged girl—Marin—peering into a swirling and mystical hole in her bedroom wall. Marin peers in with a worried expression, then plasters a poster over it, a poster with a handsome boy labeled Heart Throb.

The spinning, swirling, yawning hole in the wall is important imagery that replays later in the video. Marin in the beginning seems like a typical, starry-eyed teenaged girl with no more concerns to her day than obsessing over her newest school boy crush. Curling up in her perfectly pink bed, Marin drifts off to sleep. The next scene is of Marin’s mother—deep in the throws of childbirth and emitting an eerie siren call—one that weaves a thread through the wombs of women everywhere, reminding them that often times we are reduced to what our bodies are capable of rather than who we are, another image that will become important later in the video.

As Marin’s mother screams in agony, the hole in the wall makes another appearance—this time, a baby travels through it, clearly drawing the connection  between the hole Marin has worried over and a woman’s womb. The scenes of her mother giving birth are interspersed with images of her cradling teenaged Marin—perfectly coiffed and perched in the middle of an Omega Mart isle, the picture of housewife idyllic.

Cut back to Marin, who lies atop a pile of pictures of Heart Throb, at one point devouring a paper print out of him, and at another point jumping on a trampoline with an armful of pictures of Heart Throb held tightly to her chest like a shield.

Joining her on the trampoline is a new character—another teenaged girl. This teenaged girl we’ll call Carefree, comfortable in her skin, and glowing with the joy of it. As they sit together and recognition begins to dawn in Marin’s eyes, the hole reappears and the Mother’s scream disrupts their moment of connection.

From there, Marin appears at a school dance, crying, as the kids around her appear faceless and uninteresting. Marin sees Carefree across the room—in tears. She drifts across the room to her friend, and touches her face. The light softens, the recognition completes. But then Heart Throb appears in the crowd to pull her away, and she dutifully slides into his embrace.

The rest of the video shows Marin and her Mother seated in Omega Mart, consuming cereal, the perfect picture of family values. But Marin can’t escape her feelings for Carefree, and soon she’s whispering them, acknowledging them, and then acting on them. As the girls embrace, Marin encounters a savage and predatory-looking Heart Throb, as she desperately shoves cereal into her mouth as she denies the truth that is burgeoning in her mind. But Carefree’s love and honesty win, and soon Marin is smashing the idyllic scene in Omega Mart with a sledgehammer and tearing down the poster of Heart Throb that covers the hole in her wall.

It’s a jaw-dropping journey through sexuality, growth and love. Marin’s journey shows that perfection comes in many forms—and sexuality and womanhood are different from person to person. It’s an affirmation about a generation of kids growing up today refusing to play needless games, and instead embracing love in the form in which it comes into their lives.

Meow Wolf and Beach House

Meow Wolf Beach House

The Meow Wolf x Beach House video is the collective’s newest piece of mind-altering art. The Santa Fe-based art and entertainment company creates innovative and immersive art that really presses the viewer to think and experience, instead of merely observe. They are the only B-Corporation in the themed entertainment industry, and were listed as one of Fast Company’s 2020 list of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. The Las Vegas Omega Mart Installation is the first outside of Santa Fe and will soon be followed by another new creation in Denver later this year.

Beach House is a pop duo from Baltimore, Maryland. Made up of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, the creative team blends the dreamy and psychedelic with the earthy and mindful. This unique sound is on fully display in the transformative music they created for Marin’s Dreams. They have performed around the world, including at world-famous festival Coachella among others, and have been sampled by some of the biggest artists in the industry, including Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd. The absolutely seamless blend between Meow Wolf’s vision and Beach House’s dreamy, eerie vibes turned out to be a dream collaboration.

Details on How to Visit the Omega Mart

Meow Wolf Beach House

After seeing Omega Mart displayed so prominently in Marin’s Dreams, the next step is to go visit it for yourself. A statement about the video says, “Omega Mart is not your typical grocery store. It’s a viscerally satisfying, psychedelic, and totally unpredictable immersive art experience. This begins with hundreds of products that have the ability to fulfill desires beyond expectations and leads beyond into new worlds of inspiration, play, and transformation. More than 325 creatives are working on 250+ unique projects inside the exhibition, which will have 4 vast anchor spaces and 60 additional unique environments, such as installation-filled rooms, terrains, and portals to other worlds.”

To book tickets and plan your visit, go to Meow Wolf’s web page and start clicking. But don’t dawdle; it’s selling out days in advance and this video is sure to elevate interest to a level hitherto undreamt of.