Add These Beautiful Airports to Your Bucket List ASAP

Travel hotspots tend to be beautiful – so why can’t the airports match the splendor of the destination?  Airport expert

beautiful airports

Travel hotspots tend to be beautiful – so why can’t the airports match the splendor of the destination? 

Airport expert Deborah Scott, yes there is such a thing —  has released a list of the five most stunning airports to ever exist. What gives her cred to make this determination?  Alongside partner Jim Scott, the company Artemis Aerospace, one of the leading aviation companies in the supply chain sector, has been at the forefront of creative innovation for flight and airports. The distribution of materials, supplies and improvements to operations allow Artemis to maintain a close relationship with airlines across the globe. 

We have no such cred — but we’ve seen a few airports in our day — and so we added a few of our favorites in addition to the Artemis Aerospace’s fab five for good measure.


Five Beautiful Airports Around the World

Whether these five spots are simply stopovers or the destination du jour, take time and relax at Artemis Aerospace’s chosen spots.

Marrakesh Menara Airport

Marrakesh, Morocco

The striking diamond grid work layering the airport in Morocco’s most popular cities makes it a standout building. Inside brings soft, suspended lighting and palm trees indicative of the sandy landscape of the surrounding desert countryside.

Comfort is another major commodity at Menara Airport. Complete with showers, rest areas and plentiful dining, the opportunities to truly unwind are abundant.

Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Baku, Azerbaijan

Muted colors, abstract shapes and soft foliage constitute a gorgeous airport for the slew of international movers. To stack accolades, Baku Heydar Aliyev is one of just 18 world airports to receive a five-star rating on Skytrax, the UK-based rating organization that is notorious for distributing ratings “without fear or favor.”

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Madrid, Spain

Escape into a rustic bamboo heaven and wavy golden ceilings at Madrid’s airport. The award-winning architecture is characterized by colored pillars that guide the way to an abundance of cafes and restaurants at Spain’s oldest airport.

Malvinas Argentinas International Airport

Ushuaia, Argentina

The ocean surrounding this breathtaking tarmac makes this Argentinian hotspot a standout on the list. Pyramids rise into the sky at the world’s most southern-located international airport. Adventurous types use this airport to catch cruise ships to the Antarctic.

Jewel Changi Airport


If the world’s largest indoor waterfall isn’t enough of a draw, the fluid floor details and floor-to-ceiling foliage will seal the deal for the next layover stop. The Rain Vortex lives among a terraced display of lush greenery that provides a much-needed oxygen hit to Singapore travelers. 

More Beautiful Airports that Provide Delightful Destinations

Beyond the five Artemis Aerospace picks, a few major hubs stand out for having unique amenities to offer. These airports are known as architectural marvels for their aesthetic pleasantries, both inside and outside the terminals.

Hamad International Airport

Doha, Qatar

The smooth, sweeping rooftop distinguishes Qatar’s most beautiful airport from land and sky. Sky-high glass panels complement the industrial, yet warm designs that define the interiors — not to mention a giant, stuffed yellow teddy bear stooped under a lamp, waiting to greet passengers walking by.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

United Arab Emirates

The second largest airport in the UAE brings architectural delights to put guests in one of the world’s most bustling airports at ease. Larger-than-life designs, set as the standard in the Emirates, are recognized in curved foundation edges and upscale lounges for optimal relaxation in between flights. Check out the beehive cone structure set in the heart of the action.

Denver International Airport

Denver, Colorado

To complement the landscape of the state, Denver’s main travel hub boasts a gorgeous rooftop with white peaks climbing into the sky like the mountain ranges it mirrors. Inside, sprawling terminals bring all the charms of a clean, pleasant airport experience to the forefront, complete with various shopping and dining.

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul, Turkey

Sheer size and luxury set this hub apart. Istanbul’s airport is aiming to be the largest in the world, given its proximity between two continents, and the ever-evolving amenities elevate its status into award-winning territory. Its duty-free corner — known as Luxury Square — also sets a precedent for upscale airport shopping.