Beauty Influencer Accused of Murder May Have ‘Had Beef’ with Cousins She Killed

Influencers live life in front of the world. From the mundane to the momentous, they tend to share it all.

Influencer Accused of Murder May Have 'Had Beef' with Cousins She Killed

Influencers live life in front of the world. From the mundane to the momentous, they tend to share it all. Unfortunately, that also means that when it all goes wrong, the world watches you fall. Beauty influencer Mahek Bukhari recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons and is now accused of murder – leaving her online fans reeling, and a family deeply grieving. According to Bukhari, she admits to having “beef” with other influencers on TikTok and now she’s accused of killing two.  

Beauty Influencer Takes Beef to Next Level


Everyone has someone they don’t get along with – but we don’t all resort to murder. Bukhari, 22, from Stoke-on-Trent was arrested alongside her mother Ansreen Bukhari, 45, and charged with murder. Alongside the Bukharis, another woman – Natasha Ahktar, 21, was also arrested for murder.

The trio was arrested for the murder of Hashim Ijazuddin, 21 and his cousin Saqib Hussain, 20, who were killed in a car crash late last week. So how does a beauty influencer go from making videos to murder? Bukhari has around 180K influencers across multiple platforms and is known for modeling outfits and makeup tutorials. The beauty influencer calls her mom her best friend, and says they have an “elite relationship.” 

Last November, Mahek was asked in an online video if she “had beef” with anyone. According to DailyMail, the beauty influencer said no – but then went on to describe the steps she had taken to avoid tensions she was embroiled in. “No, I don’t. I keep myself to myself when it comes to beef. I would say beef was coming to me last year and I cut off loads of people, lots of Tik Tokers actually, which was good for my mental health as well. Now I’m literally thriving and growing.”

Mahek has beef – but she keeps it to herself? Unfortunately for her, the admission that she was feeling tension with other influencers works against her now. DailyMail adds, “Today, the mother and daughter appeared on video link alongside their co-accused Akhtar before a judge at Leicester Crown Court.

No applications for bail were made and His Honour Judge Spencer QC told them: ‘You face the most serious charge known to the criminal court. Do you know that?’

All three answered: ‘Yes’.”

“Everybody Loved Hashim”


The cousins who were killed were beloved members of their family, and their loss has staggered their community. The father of Hashim, Sikander Hayat, says he was his favorite son and a beautiful soul, and he felt blessed to know him for 21 years. Per DailyMail, Hayat explained, “‘He borrowed the Skoda from his grandfather because his cousin Saqib asked him for a lift to Leicestershire to see a friend. Saqib was very down about things. Hashim loved him a lot and cared for all people in general. He would do anything to help somebody out.

‘This is the kind of person he was. He was just doing a good deed because he never wanted to say no to anybody in trouble. Saqib was going through a tough time and asked Hashim to take him to Leicestershire but my son had nothing to do with any of this.’

He added that Hashim didn’t know the friend that his cousin Saqib went to meet.

Hashim’s older brother, Zain Mohammed added: ‘Hashim and Saqib were very close and grew up together.

‘Hashim was just giving him a lift. We don’t know the full details of what happened and are waiting for the police to give us a proper update.’”

Unfortunately, Ijazuddin’s attempt to cheer his cousin up turned tragic as someone cut their lives short. An investigation into the duo’s death is ongoing, but this is what we know:

  • Shortly before the fatal crash, one of the occupants of the car called 999, the British equivalent of 911.
  • A loud scream was heard, and the call disconnected.
  • The car veered across traffic and crashed into a barrier, ripping apart upon impact.
  • Two other vehicles were in the area at the time of the collision – a grey Audi TT and a blue Seat Leon.
  • Another man was detained after the crash but has since been released.

It is unclear why police believe the Bukharis and Ahktar are responsible for their death, but Mahek’s admission of tension coming her way and past interactions with Ijazuddin and Hussein – plus that mysterious 999 call – may have something to do with it. 

Tinder Swindler – When Social Media Becomes a Vehicle for Crimes


Crime and influencers were bound to meet – and social media has become the playground of the dishonest. While it’s not murder, what the infamous Tinder Swindler engaged in has people reconsidering what they believe about people online.

The man known as the Tinder Swindler – Simon Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut – used social media to prowl for victims and is believed to have conned women out of millions of dollars, using a false persona to convince them to spend money. A new Netflix documentary dives into the story of how Hayut convinced multiple women that he was the heir to a billion-dollar diamond industry fortune. 

The documentary tells the story primarily of two women – Cecilie Fjellhøy and Pernilla Sjøholm. Articles online about Leviev’s rivalry with Russian President Vladimir Putin helped convinced these women that he was an industry big-wig, and they bankrolled vacations and lavish experiences that he took them on as he wined, dined and romanced them. But he had no money of his own; his money was coming from other women as he continued to skip his way from one successful partner to the next. An article about his exploits alerted a current flame – who helped the others expose his entire rotten empire. 

Like most small-time catfish, Hayut convinced the women to send and spend money with excuses and charm – but he did it on a massive scale, to the tune of around $10 million, although the real amount could be much higher.

And the worst part about this story? He’s still walking free. Hayut was convicted of fraud, theft and forgery back in 2019 but only served 5 months of a 15-month sentence before being released. Now, he’s looking for a Hollywood career.

Fortunately, he’s been banned from Tinder – but a catfish of his caliber is unlikely to be deterred and he’s likely continuing to trick women around the world, bankrolled by their hard work. The women conned by him remain in debt to this day that they created in order to help support someone they thought they saw a future with. 

While conning people out of millions isn’t on par with murder – Hayut is a clear reminder that people should always be wary of how people present themselves online, and that what seems like a digital relationship can have real-world consequences.