Is Bella Hadid Single? Check Out A Complete Guide To Her Love Life And Relationships

Ever since Bella Hadid was propelled into the spotlight, fans have been left wondering — does she have a boyfriend

Bella Hadid Model

Ever since Bella Hadid was propelled into the spotlight, fans have been left wondering — does she have a boyfriend or is the model single?

Well guys, we decided to investigate, and it turns out, the brunette beauty has actually been linked to quite a few famous faces over the years. Yep, there’s been rumors that she dated some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including The Weeknd and Drake.

Wondering what went down between them? Why did they split? Who else did she date? And is she single now? Not to worry, people, we went ahead and broke down her entire love life from start to finish for you. From her past boyfriends to her current relationship and everything in between, here’s everyone Hadid has ever dated and what went down between them…

Matthew Morton

Matthew Morton

The star reportedly dated Morton long before she was famous, so there’s not a lot of info on their relationship. In fact, we didn’t even know about it until years later, when rumors hit the web that Hadid had cheated on The Weeknd with her old beau.

“Hadid has again been seeing her old beau Matt Morton, son of Hard Rock mogul Peter and brother of hospitality bigwig Harry,” a source told Page Six at the time. “Bella and Matt used to be an item and they’ve been hanging out again since he started studying at NYU.”

But another insider quickly shut the rumors down. They said, “Matt was at her birthday party in early October, but other than that they haven’t been in the company of each other in the past six months. And [The Weeknd] was at the party with her. They run in the same circles, but there’s no truth to [them hooking up] at all.”



Rumors started to swirl that Hadid and Drake were together in 2017. At the time, they kept things pretty private. But when the rapper released his album Scorpion in 2018, he included many references to the model and their relationship. In the end, Us Weeklyreported that “things ended over text when he basically ghosted her.”

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Hadid and Beckham Jr. were briefly linked in 2016, while she was on break from her relationship with The Weeknd.

“Odell and Bella have just clicked. They had known each other before, but once she split from the Weeknd, Odell reached out instantly,” an insider said. “They really enjoy each other’s company.”

Things must have fizzled out after that, however, because (besides from one flirty Instagram comment in 2018) it was the last we heard of the pair.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

Hadid and The Weeknd first started sparked dating rumors in May 2015, with a source telling E! News at the time, “[Bella and The Weeknd] have many things in common and really enjoyed each other’s company. She loves his music as well. They are hanging out for sure now.”

After that, they quickly became couple goals. They were photographed hanging out nonstop, packing on the PDA all over the world and get this — she even starred in one of the “Can’t Feel My Face” artist’s music videos!

But in November 2016, People Magazine reported that they had split.

“Their schedules have been too hard to coordinate and he is focusing on finishing and promoting his album,” a source told them. “They still have a great deal of love for one another and will remain friends.”

But things didn’t end there. They were caught kissing again in September 2018, and by the summer of 2019, it was definitely no secret that they were back together. They shared numerous pics together on social media and even attended a few events side by side. 

In August 2019, E! News reported that they had gone their separate ways again.

“They are in different places right now, physically and mentally… [They] haven’t spent quality time together in months,” a friend of the model dished. “They hope to get back together at one point but for now are focusing on themselves and their projects.”