Captain Sandy Slams Hannah Ferrier in New Statement after Firing her

In this season, Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn controversially handled the firing of her Chief Stewardess. As Yawn fired 

Captain Sandy

In this season, Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn controversially handled the firing of her Chief Stewardess. As Yawn fired  Hannah Ferrier for an undisclosed Valium prescription and vape pen, questions were raised as to the way she handled the situation. 

Why was Ferrier fired?

Bosun Malia White, “accidentally discovered,” Chief Stew Ferrier’s prescription Valium. All medications have to be declared for the crew to avoid violating international drug trafficking laws. In many cases, an undeclared medication that is legally prescribed could be added to the roster and a reprimand issued. However, in Ferrier’s case, Yawn jumped immediately to firing her. Fans were dismayed and said it seemed as though Ferrier was being unfairly discriminated against, something with chronic illnesses and mental illnesses like Anxiety are familiar with. However, a crew-mate had a different take.

What does Kate Chastain think?

In the wake of Ferrier’s firing, former Chief Stew Kate Chastain had a thought as to why Ferrier was really fired. In Another Below Deck podcast, Chastain offered her theory, ““…if Hannah was a fantastic chief stew, hard-working, good team player, I think they would have been like, ‘Okay, you have a prescription and you’re such a valuable asset. You did forget to tell us to put it on the ship’s roster of drugs. But now we will. Thank God we didn’t get caught. Let’s move forward.’”

Captain Sandy

Yawn’s thoughts on Ferrier’s firing

In an interview with E! Online, Yawn opens up about the turnover rate and Ferrier’s firing, “‘Imagine walking in my shoes, it was challenging,’ the Bravo personality said of the staffing drama this season. ‘The Maritime industry has a certain standard…My number one priority is the client.’ 

According to the seasoned captain, there was one charter season where she went through four chefs. While turnover may be expected in the yachting industry, Hannah’s departure was a shock for many fans.”

The E! interviews continues, “Namely, the fired Chief Stewardess had an issue with the captain’s expletive-filled last words for her. So, does Captain Sandy regret her final confrontation with Hannah?

Captain Sandy

She stated, ‘Not at all.’

As the 55-year-old captain continued, she said she has ‘no regrets’ and defended that her priorities were safety and the client.”

So would Yawn work with Ferrier again?

According to her interview with E!, She would not. “‘I prefer to work with people I can trust and that’s really it, to be honest,’ she remarked.

‘I like mentoring people, so people who are interested in learning from me…I like people who are serious about their careers,’ the captain concluded. ‘Honestly, I’m there because I love what I do and I want people to work for me that love being in the Maritime industry and if they don’t, no love lost.’”

Ferrier may be better off

Captain Sandy

That appears to be that, as far as Yawn is concerned. Ferrier may be better off without a future opportunity to work with the captain though. People with chronic illnesses and especially those who struggle with mental health often face workplace discrimination as they seek treatments that people don’t fully understand. It’s not uncommon that people taking medications for anxiety are branded as drug users, and Ferrier’s uphill battle against the Bosun and Captain prove that in 2020 that stereotype still hasn’t gone away. Ferrier will have plenty of opportunities to find work elsewhere, and Yawn will be able to hire a Chief Stew she feels comfortable with. It’s an unfortunate ending, but best for both in the long run. 


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