Here are Some of the Best Celebrity Tattoos and Hobbies

Tattoos and hobbies tell us more about celebrities and their personalities than most TV interviews ever would. So, we’ve rounded


Tattoos and hobbies tell us more about celebrities and their personalities than most TV interviews ever would. So, we’ve rounded up three of the most unique hobbies and cool tattoos that some of the world’s biggest celebrities do or have. Do you share a hobby with Hanks or a tattoo with Styles? Read on to find out!

Quirky Celebrity Hobbies

  1. Tom Hanks – Tom Hanks is a picture of gentlemanly sophistication. We imagine that he spends his evening either sipping a brandy or drinking a glass of red wearing pajamas made of silk. And one of his hobbies suggests our imagination may not be too far off the mark. He is a collector of one of the most sophisticated items going. Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters. His typewriter collection is said to have started before his teen years and to date, it is rumoured that he has a valuable collection of machines. At one point in time, he is meantto have owned over 100 typewriters.
  2. Beyoncé Knowles – Beyoncé is adored by millions and treated like a queen. But she’s not the only queen bee in her household. The renowned performer also likes to make honey, which involves some beekeeper skills. The hobby started for her children who have allergies in which the honey helps to soothe. And a few years later, she claims to own around 80,000 bees and makes hundreds of jars of honey each year.

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The Best Celebrity Tattoos

  1. Cara Delevingne Cara is a respected English model and one of the most famous in the world. She’s also famous for having some banging tattoos, many of which are animals including a detailed elephant tattoo. One of her other tattoos that got people talking is a pair of eyes on the back of her neck, which are rather creepy.
  2. Harry Styles – Harry has most recently made the news about changing song lyrics on the first night of his tour, but there’s plenty printed about his ink as well. After all, he does have a whopping 52 tattoos at the time of writing, and we don’t doubt 53 is not far away – if he has space left. Among coat hangers, swallows, mermaids and a “late late” tattoo that he got live during the namesake talk show is a tattoo of a pirate ship. The ship is of much better detail and quality than some of his others. He went on record that it is a reminder to travel home often.
  3. Kelly Osbourne – Kelly’s family re no stranger to the tattooist, and she has added to her collection with the word “solidarity” tattooed on the side of her head. She decided to get this meaningful tattoo after the Orlando shooting in a nightclub.