Betty Moon’s Translucent Is The Quarantine Remedy

Betty Moon has always been an innovative artist that I have enjoyed listening to. When I heard that she was

Betty Moon has always been an innovative artist that I have enjoyed listening to. When I heard that she was releasing a new EP entitled Translucent last month, I was super excited and feel this was just the thing to turn this 2020 slump upside down. 

So how is the EP? Did it stand up to be everything I was hoping for?

The EP opens with “Don’t Stop Now,” and I was immediately drawn in by the loud, rock sound that Betty was bringing here. I immediately caught my head bopping along within the first few seconds, and immediately was drawn to the lyric “Don’t stop now, you know I’m dead out of love.” Aside from the rocky sounds that the song had, there was an ethereal vibe to the song as well, as Moon used vocals that sounded like she was floating in and out of the track to make it have a unique vibe. 

“Your Dirty Love,” which followed, was another great track. “I don’t know how, but I know that you’ll break me,” Moon breathily sang, immediately pulling an emotional punch in the listener’s face. The chorus on this track was also particularly catchy, and I found it stuck in my head immediately after a first listen, which is usually a sign of a song’s appeal.

The next track, “Monsters In My Head,” was a great follow up track. It reminded me almost of Hole in their heyday, with particularly strong vocals from Moon on this track. I loved the confessional nature of the song, particularly when Moon states “all my shadows stay up late” and “I’ve been dancing with monsters in my head.”  It’s hard for any listener who has gone through something to not immediately feel the realness of those lyrics. 

“The Liar,” which his the concluding track on the EP, immediately sounded (rhythmically, at least) like a Portishead song fused  when it began- and this is a great thing. On the track, Moon confesses she “doesn’t want to be the last one standing,” and then seems to address an ex-lover in her life. “I’m telling you goodbye,” she beautifully croons, “with a big smile. Tried to knock me down, but I got back up, just to prove that you’re the liar.”

Other tracks included on the 6-song EP are “All He Is,” in which Moon’s vocals really shine and “Did It For Nothing,” which has a very edgy rock-vibe.

With Translucent, Betty Moon has created an EP that demands the listener’s attention from start to finish. There is no filler, but rather the EP is chock-full of emotional, unique, and innovative music that demands to be heard. When stuck in a new world where you can’t do much but sit at home, this EP proved to be the perfect pick-me-up remedy.

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