Beyoncé Breaks The Internet (Literally) With Her Next Tour Underway

No introduction is needed for this one. Beyoncé is back nearly six years following her last solo stint and nobody


No introduction is needed for this one. Beyoncé is back nearly six years following her last solo stint and nobody is calm – not fans, not ticket sites, and not even the Senate?

It’s Giving Disco Cowgirl

Abby Misbin, also known as “Trending by Abby” is a popular Etsy shop that managed to catch the eye of Beyoncé’s stylist.

Last June Queen B’s stylist slid in Misbin’s DM’s requesting a mirrored cowboy hat for the singer in 5 days and you bet that she did it. And, for the bargain price of $215. You know, the change that Beyoncé finds in her dryer.

Beyoncé hat

Two months later the hat made its debut in a teaser video for Beyoncé’s upcoming release and again when the star dropped her “Renaissance” tour dates. And that folks, was the tipping point.

Ever since the release, Misbin has been flooded with orders from the Beyhive, with everyone wanting to rock the same accessory as their Queen.

Beyoncé tour

The Etsy designer typically gets about 5-6 orders a week but in just ONE DAY she got 60 requests! For a company that has the ability to mass produce an item like this, 60 hats would be cake. But, Misbin hand makes these mirrored beauts which means she can only do about 2 in one day to keep the quality well enough for even Beyoncé to want.

Misbin had to temporarily shut down her Etsy shop to give herself time to fulfill the orders that she will be doing with the help of her sister. One thing she won’t be however is stressed. She expressed her gratitude to TMZ saying that it’s truly an honor.

Beyoncé Has The Senate On Her Side

The Taylor Swift Ticketmaster situation had the entire world in a frenzy and Beyoncé wasn’t the only one making sure there isn’t a repeat of it. The Senate also made it known that they too are watching.

The ticket giant is sunbathing under the U.S. Senate’s microscope as they prepare to sell tickets for Bey’s “Renaissance” tour. The Twitter account for the Senate Judiciary Committee retweeted CNN This Morning with the caption, “We’re watching, @Ticketmaster.”

Ticketmaster reportedly is making changing including staggering sales and using Verified Dan technology to avoid running into the issues that they did following the rollout of Swift’s Eras tour which pissed off the popstar and her fans. The matter led to lawsuits and Senate hearings, which ultimately led to Ticketmaster being expected to do better as a company in the future.

Their first chance at redemption comes next week when the Beyoncé ticket presales begin.