Biden Demands $24 Billion Additional Funding for Ukraine

President Joe Biden has formally requested Congress for over $24 billion in additional funding, aimed at bolstering support for Ukraine

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President Joe Biden has formally requested Congress for over $24 billion in additional funding, aimed at bolstering support for Ukraine and addressing international needs. This appeal comes in response to waning backing for the conflict among the American populace.

The funding proposal includes a substantial allocation of more than $13 billion for security assistance and $7.3 billion for economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. However, this request is anticipated to trigger potential disagreement with Republican members of Congress, some of whom express skepticism regarding further financial aid to Ukraine. With the ongoing counteroffensive and uncertainty about the war’s swift conclusion, this funding will serve as a litmus test for the durability of U.S. backing for Ukraine.

The new funding plan, set to be revealed later today, will be coupled with an additional $12 billion request for disaster relief funding. This move could potentially appease skeptical Republicans who have raised concerns about approving more aid for Ukraine.

Additionally, the request incorporates $3.3 billion designated for infrastructure development in countries affected by the Russian invasion. This allocation aims to counteract coercive lending by China in these nations. Furthermore, $4 billion is allotted for border security measures.

In total, the supplemental funding proposal amounts to approximately $40 billion.

In a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Biden’s budget director Shalanda Young stated, “As the impacts of Russia’s war reverberate around the globe, the United States is committed to maintaining strong global opposition to Russia’s illegal war.”

The duration of U.S. support for Ukraine has remained an open question since the global coalition rallied behind the country following Russia’s invasion in February 2022. Biden has asserted that the support will last “as long as it takes,” but a growingly skeptical Republican Party has cast doubt on the nation’s commitment to the conflict.

The leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, former President Donald Trump, has expressed deep reservations about future U.S. involvement. He has pledged to resolve the conflict within 24 hours if re-elected, without providing specific details on his approach.

As the debate intensifies, Republicans are questioning the wisdom of allocating billions to Ukraine, calling for increased oversight of U.S. funding usage or vowing to oppose further financial assistance.

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Administration officials acknowledge that it’s uncertain how much additional funding Ukraine will require from the U.S. moving forward. A senior administration official stated, “We don’t know how much longer this war is going to go on, or how much more assistance we might need to support Ukraine.”

A recent CNN poll indicated that 55% of Americans believe Congress should not authorize additional funding for Ukraine, compared to 45% who support such funding. Despite this, the White House underscores the importance of assisting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, citing broader implications for global security and alliances.

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The previous year, Congress approved $45 billion in aid for arming Ukraine, surpassing the administration’s initial request. This decision raised questions about the Republican-controlled House’s willingness to approve future funding packages. The allocated funds were intended to last until September 30, 2023.