Billie Eilish Claps Back At Fans For Making Fun Of Her Hair: ‘F**k You Guys’

It looks like Billie Eilish is not here for people making fun of her hair! Yep, the singer responded to

Billie Eilish Hair

It looks like Billie Eilish is not here for people making fun of her hair! Yep, the singer responded to people who were criticizing her lime-green look, and she said “f**k you” to the haters.

“F**k you guys. Stop making fun of me, my god, I’m f**king making you an album,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, December 22. “I will not put it out if you keep making fun of my hair! Shut up!”

She also responded to a few mean comments, and the “Bad Guy” songstress explained that her bright-colored locks were actually a sign of “mental stability.”

“This is the longest I’ve had the same hair color since I was 13 and that’s on mental stability and growth leave me alone,” she responded to a fan. Eilish added in another comment, “It’s called not being depressed anymore [please] just be happy for me.”

Billie Eilish Is Going To Change Her Look Very Soon

But as much as she loves her hair, the 19-year-old admitted that she does have plans to change it up very soon! She explained that after her upcoming Apple TV+ documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry, comes out on February 23, 2021, she’s going to say goodbye to the green hairdo once and for all.

“It will be the end of an era,” Eilish explained. “I’m gonna give you a new era. I have announcements to make, I got some s**t to put out. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Leave me the f**k alone, let me live with the f**king hair that I’ve had for way too long, OK?! Shut the f**k up.”

What Do We Know About The Upcoming Documentary?

Billie Eilish Eyes

According to Apple, the new movie will “tell the true coming-of-age story of the singer-songwriter and her rise to global superstardom.” It will offer “a deeply intimate look at this extraordinary teenager’s journey, navigating life on the road, on stage and at home with her family, while writing, recording and releasing her debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

Wow, how awesome does that sound?! Award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler is behind the documentary, and it will also feature Eilish’s brother and producer, Finneas O’Connell, and her parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell.

What About Her Album?

Billie Eilish Hat

So unfortunately, Eilish’s second album doesn’t have an official name or release date just yet, but she did reveal during a recent interview that it’s going to be “completely different” from the music we’re used to from her. The musician explained that because of the coronavirus quarantine, it changed many things about the music and its sound.

“I mean, we would have made something, but it would have been completely different [if we weren’t in quarantine]. It’s not like we’re making songs about quarantine, we’re just in a different mindset than we would be otherwise,” she explained. “And that’s just how everything is. It’s the butterfly effect. It’s like if you hadn’t done this three years ago, maybe you wouldn’t be doing this three years later. It’s just the way that it is. At the same time, this is the most time off I’ve ever had in my life, first of all. And especially since this all started like five years ago. So it’s been a blessing, huge blessing and a curse, but I’m really, really happy that we’ve been able to make the things that we’re making. And I can’t wait for you to hear this s**t. I can’t wait to have the world hear. I’m very excited and hopeful for the future.”

Billie Eilish Has Responded To Haters Before

This definitely isn’t the first time that the pop star responded to her haters. If you’re a fan of Eilish, then you’ve probably already noticed that she usually wears baggy clothes and she rarely ever shows off her body to the public. Well, that’s why fans were pretty shook when the singer was photographed wearing a tight tank top and short on October 12, 2020. And although many fans were proud of her for putting her curves on display, when some people started to body-shame her online, Eilish was definitely not happy about it.

“Do you really wanna go back in time?” she clapped back on Instagram, alongside a screenshot from a previous video she had posted, addressing people who talked about her body.

In the clip (which was originally used as an interlude during her concerts, and was later uploaded to YouTube), Eilish could be seen stripping down as she said, “You have opinions about my opinions, about my music, about my clothes, about my body. Some people hate what I wear, some people praise it. Some people use it to shame others, some people use it to shame me. But I feel you watching always and nothing I do goes unseen. So while I feel your stares, your disapproval or your sigh of relief, if I lived by them I’d never be able to move. Would you like me to be smaller? Weaker? Softer? Taller? Would you like me to be quiet? Do my shoulder provoke you? Does my chest? Am I my stomach? My hips? The body I was born with is not what you wanted? If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I’m a slut.”

“Though you’ve never seen my body, you still judge it and judge me for it,” the singer continued in the powerful video. “Why? We make assumptions about people based on their size. We decide who they are, we decide what they’re worth. If I wear more, if I wear less, who decides what that makes me? What that means? Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?”

In the past, she explained to Dazed Magazinethat she wore oversied clothes because of body insecurities.

“There was a point last year where I was naked and I didn’t recognize my body ’cause I hadn’t seen it in a while. I would see it sometimes and be like, ‘Whose body is that?’ It’s not that I like [my body] now, I just think I’m a bit more OK with it,” she explained. “If I wore a dress to something, I would be hated for it. People would be like, ‘You’ve changed, how dare you do what you’ve always rebelled against?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not rebelling against anything, really.’ I can’t stress it enough. I’m just wearing what I wanna wear. If there’s a day when I’m like, ‘You know what, I feel comfortable with my belly right now, and I wanna show my belly,’ I should be allowed to do that.”

She also previously told GQ that her fashion choices came from “not being desired” by her past boyfriends.

“I have never felt desired. My past boyfriends never made me feel desired. None of them. And it’s a big thing in my life that I feel I have never been physically desired by somebody,” she said. “So I dress the way I dress as I don’t like to think of you guys — I mean anyone, everyone — judging [my body], or the size of it. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t wake up one day and decide to wear a tank top, which I have done before.”

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