Blake Lively Begs Paparazzi To Stop Taking Pics Of Her Kids

It looks like Blake Lively is not here for paparazzi taking photos of her kids. The actress spoke out in

Blake Lively

It looks like Blake Lively is not here for paparazzi taking photos of her kids. The actress spoke out in a recent Instagram comment and begged photographers to leave her three children alone after having a “terrifying” incident with them last week.

It all started when Daily Mail Australia shared a now-deleted snap of Lively with her daughters — Inez, James and Betty — alongside another photo of her smiling and waving to the cameras.

“You edit together these images to look like I’m happily waving, but that is deceitful. The real story: My children were being stalked by a man all day — jumping out, and then hiding. A stranger on the street got into words with them because it was so upsetting for her to see. When I tried to calmly approach the photographer you hired to take these pictures in order to speak to him, he would run away — and jump out again at the next block,” she commented. “Do you do background checks on the photographers you pay to stalk children? Where is your morality here? I would like to know. Or do you simply not care about the safety of children?”

The Gossip Girl alum continued, “The photographers who would speak to me, I was able to agree to smile and wave and let them take my picture away from my children, if they would leave my children alone — because it was frightening. Listen to your followers. They too understand this is dark and upsetting, that you pay people to stalk children. Please stop paying grown-ass men to hide and hunt children. There are plenty of pictures you could’ve published without the kids. Please delete.”

She’s not the only star to speak out against paparazzi taking pictures of children. Here’s all the other stars who have addressed this online…

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Earlier this month, Gigi Hadid wrote an open letter to paparazzi and publications asking them to respect her and Zayn Malik‘s daughter’s privacy. She requested that all news outlets blur any pics of 9-month-old Khai that they publish.

“As our baby grows up we have to realize that we can’t protect her from everything the way we wanted to and could when she was smaller. She loves seeing the world! And although she gets a lot of that out near our farm, she also gets to experience other places — a true blessing. On our most recent visits to New York, she has started to want her sun shade lifted up (something she is used to at home) and helps herself to it,” she explained on her Instagram Stories. “She doesn’t understand why she’s covered in the city, or what I’ve wanted to protect her from. I also want her to see the most amazing city in the world + the beautiful and diverse people that walk down the streets of NYC … that is, without the stress of the media circus that comes with parents who are public figures.”

The model pointed out that they have yet to even share their daughter’s face on social media. She continued, “Our wish is that she can choose how to share herself with the world when she comes of age, and that she can live as normal of a childhood as possible, without worrying about a public image that she has not chosen. It would mean the world to us, as we take our daughter to see and explore NYC and the world, if you would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blur her face out of the images, if and when she is caught on camera.”

Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner was not pleased after pics of her and Joe Jonas‘ daughter, Willa, were shared online. For those who missed it, they quietly welcomed their first child together in July 2020, and since then, they have not shared any photos of her online.

“It’s f**king creepy that grown old men taking pictures of a baby without their permission,” she wrote at the time. “I’m sickened, I’m disgusted and I’m respectfully asking everyone to stop following us around and stop trying to take pictures of our daughter and especially printing them. The reason that I am not posting pictures of my daughter and making sure that we can avoid paparazzi at all costs is because I explicitly do not want those photos out there…She did not ask for this life, to be photographed. It’s disgusting.”

Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff

Hilary Duff got into a confrontation with a photographer when he attended her son Luca‘s football game and took photos. After she approached the man told him she was uncomfortable, he told her it was “legal” and offered to show her his ID.

“I’m not asking for your ID. I’m asking you to stop taking pictures of our 7-year-old children if you don’t know anyone that’s here. I’m asking you human-to-human — as a mother — if you don’t know anyone here, can you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football this morning?” she asked in a video shared to social media.

“Creep! Laws need to change! This is stalking minors! Disgusting!” she captioned it.


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Kristen Bell

Actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Back in 2014, Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, started a campaign in an attempt to stop media from sharing pics of children.

“Picture what it would be like walking down the street with your child, whether it’s trick or treating or just to school, and have 10 aggressive men taking their picture with a lens in your face, yelling, pushing other children outside of a school,” she said at the time.

According to reports, Entertainment Tonight, Insider, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and Buzzfeed all signed on to the initiative. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes and Scarlett Johansson all also supported it.

Halle Berry And Jennifer Garner

Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner both testified before the California Assembly Judiciary Committee in support of an anti-paparazzi bill limiting the ability of photographers to take pictures of children of celebrities and public figures. The bill passed and became California law in September 2013.

“I chose a public life and understand that this means sacrifices in terms of privacy for our jobs,” Garner said while testifying. “In my case this means that I am sometimes photographed. However my three children are private citizens and more than that — at 1, 4 and 7 years old — they’re just little kids.”

Berry added, “We’re moms here who are just trying to protect our children. These are little innocent children who didn’t ask to be celebrities. They didn’t ask to be thrown into this game, and they don’t have the wherewithal to process what’s happening. We don’t have a law in place to protect them from this.”