2023 is the Year of Business + Leisure: Meet ‘Bleisure’

Thanks to the post-pandemic travel boom, the remote-work hybrid has secured its spot as the new norm for office culture.Companies


Thanks to the post-pandemic travel boom, the remote-work hybrid has secured its spot as the new norm for office culture.Companies are seeing a rise in their employees opting for “bleisure” excursions worked into the standard business trip. 

Recent studies have shown that over 50 percent of domestic and international business trips turn into bleisure trips, with tech and manufacturing workers leading the charge in this selective vacation option.


What is Bleisure?

Bleisure is a new-age term combining business and leisure, referring to trips taken for a combination of the two. This is an extension of a “bizcation,” a term used to describe a corporate employee taking some time at the end of a business trip to sightsee and explore. 

The benefits of embarking on this niche type of travel are numerous. For novice travelers, bleisure provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate relaxation or adventures as a rare opportunity. Seasoned nomads will be able to take advantage of the chances to see new places, while possibly stacking airline miles or credit card points.

In terms of benefitting the hospitality industry, the incentive for companies and corporations to seek out elevated lodging and upscale dining is high. Not only does it promote a work-life balance — a resort’s amenities can add significant value to a trip, no matter the purpose — but it sends a positive message to potential clientele that wish to conduct meetings at the chosen accommodations. 

Make a Business Trip A Leisure One

Already have a business trip planned? It’s not too late to transform portions of the stay into a relaxing getaway. Take these steps to add some elements of fun to a professional trip.

Extend your stay: if your company will allow it, push back that return flight to spend a few more days in your business destination for tourism. Be prepared to spend a bit extra for hotel costs if that’s the preferred accommodation.

Plan company-wide outings: For the financial planners, allocate a portion of the budget to plan an activity or experience with staff. For partakers in adult beverages, take a brewery or winery tasting tour, or even a cocktail making course. For daytime-friendly occasions, booking an excursion like a local history tour or hiking trail is a guaranteed fun-for-all choice.

Bring a plus one: Don’t leave the spouse or friends at home. If there’s extra room in the hotel, invite someone along to experience the travel joys alongside you. Note: This isn’t always allowed, so either have clearance to bring someone — or be stealthy about it.

Try out a Bleisure Trip

For the best bleisure experience, plan a vacation extension at the end of a standard workweek. This guarantees that those precious PTO hours remain intact, and there are fewer costs incurred from a strictly leisure trip.

Don’t forget about those loyalty points. When planning a bleisure trip — especially in a major metropolitan area — take advantage of stays at popular hotel chains to rack up points, or get a few free nights out of the deal. Using these smart methods of point accumulation can open doors to future bleisure stays, with extended opportunities for tourism and sightseeing.

Bleisure Inspo For Your Next Getaway

As expected, some of the most sought-after spots for blended travel are the leading cities in their respective industries. Consider staying longer in cities such as:

Los Angeles: With the beach, Hollywood and world-class shopping within driving distance, a world of entertainment is right at the front door.

Miami: This lively city has premium nightlife and an abundance of culture to explore after clocking out for the day.

Chicago: The Windy City has more than pizza and Wrigley Field. Check out the architectural marvels and playbook of events.

San Francisco: As the tech epicenter of the United States, San Fran has the character and personality to accommodate every type of bleisure traveler.

New York: No need to sleep on a business trip here. New York’s legacy for entertainment, history and fun makes it a seamless mix for business and leisure at every turn.