Bone-Chilling Photos of the Cook’s Corner Mass Shooting (EXCLUSIVE Graphic Images)

In the wake of the recent mass shooting tragedy at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon, California, Governor Gavin Newsom has


In the wake of the recent mass shooting tragedy at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon, California, Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a resolute statement underscoring the critical importance of utilizing the state’s “red flag” laws as a preventive measure against such heartbreaking incidents.

During divorce proceedings, a husband carried out a tragic act at a Southern California bar where his wife was having dinner on Wednesday. The unsettling incident resulted in his wife being shot, followed by a spree of random gunfire that led to the deaths of three individuals and the injury of six others. Law enforcement eventually responded, fatally neutralizing the assailant, as revealed by Orange County officials.

The individual behind this horrifying act has been identified as John Snowling, aged 59. Around 7 p.m. local time, Snowling entered the premises of Cook’s Corner bar in Orange County, equipped with two firearms. Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Don Barnes conveyed these harrowing details during a news conference on Thursday. Importantly, Barnes noted that there was no altercation between Snowling and his soon-to-be ex-wife before he initiated the shooting. Tragically, both his wife and her dining companion were targeted, resulting in the loss of the companion’s life, while the wife was wounded and is currently hospitalized.

Following the initial round of gunshots within the bar, Snowling retreated to a rear parking lot area, where he proceeded to retrieve two more firearms, as described by Barnes. During this unsettling period, another individual approached Snowling and attempted to intervene, which tragically led to the individual being shot by Snowling, according to the sheriff’s account.

These laws, often referred to as “red flag” laws, empower concerned individuals, including survivors of domestic violence, to seek protective orders that prohibit potentially dangerous individuals from possessing firearms.

Harnessing Red Flag Laws for Prevention:

Governor Newsom expressed his profound concern over the recent mass shooting’s devastating aftermath and its far-reaching impact on communities and families. He stressed the necessity of addressing domestic conflicts, which frequently contribute to the escalation of violent acts. Highlighting a sobering statistic, the Governor underscored that a significant two-thirds of mass shooters in the United States have a documented history of domestic violence.

Taking Proactive Measures for Prevention:

Governor Newsom called upon Californians to remain vigilant and proactive in the face of potential threats. He encouraged individuals to report any observed red flags promptly and to take proactive steps to thwart possible violence. The Governor emphasized the pivotal role that each citizen plays in saving lives by voicing their concerns whenever they encounter alarming behavior.

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Empowering the Community with Red Flag Law Resources:

The Governor unveiled the launch of, a comprehensive website meticulously designed to offer an array of valuable resources and multilingual materials dedicated to red flag laws, including Gun Violence Restraining Orders. This visionary initiative aims to empower Californians with the knowledge and tools they need to safeguard their loved ones from potential hazards.