BREAKING: Donald Trump Supports Migrants Being Dropped Off in California

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has confirmed that a group of migrants was transported from Texas to Los Angeles and dropped off at

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has confirmed that a group of migrants was transported from Texas to Los Angeles and dropped off at Union Station, marking a significant development in the ongoing border situation.

Former President Donald Trump has been defending his border stance, going as far as blaming Biden for the destruction of his wall along the Mexican border. FACTZ has learned from our sources in the Trump camp that the former president is commending Texas Governor Greg Abbott, “President Trump is aware of the situation and believes the Texas Governor made the correct choice.”

The busload of 42 migrants, including eight children, arrived in Los Angeles after a grueling 23-hour journey without food, according to Jorge-Mario Cabrera, the director of communications for the immigrant rights group CHIRLA.

Governor Abbott attributed the move to the overwhelming pressure faced by small border towns in Texas due to the influx of thousands of people illegally crossing the border from Mexico. He criticized President Biden for failing to secure the border and pointed out that Los Angeles, with its self-declared sanctuary city status, has become a sought-after destination for migrants.

The migrants, originating from Venezuela, Guatemala, and Honduras, and two of African descent, made a stop at Union Station before being taken to a welcoming center at a nearby church. Cabrera, present at Union Station, revealed that CHIRLA had received advance notice of the migrants’ arrival. The center provided them with much-needed rest, food, and access to attorneys, recognizing the traumatic experiences they had endured.

Councilmember Eunisses Hernandez highlighted the efforts of nonprofit organizations, the Community Investment for Families Department, and various city and county officials in providing services and connecting migrants with relatives. However, Hernandez condemned Governor Abbott’s actions, describing them as heartless exploitation and a display of a lack of leadership.

Angelica Salas, the executive director of CHIRLA, confirmed the arrival of the bus and expressed the organization’s readiness to support the migrants. She emphasized that Los Angeles has a history of welcoming individuals seeking a better life, regardless of false reports and political motives behind their arrival. Salas highlighted the presence of babies, toddlers, and school-aged children on the bus, criticizing Governor Abbott’s decision to use vulnerable individuals for political gain.

In response to the influx of migrants, the city’s Emergency Operations Center was activated to coordinate efforts among city, county, and state partners, as well as local community organizations. Mayor Karen Bass, although absent from Los Angeles, assured that the city was prepared for such situations and condemned the use of human lives as political pawns.

Councilmember Kevin De León also criticized the action, referring to it as heartless exploitation and highlighting the absence of leadership. Despite concerns raised by some migrant advocates, Tiffany Burrow, director of operations for the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition, acknowledged the practicality of buses in transporting migrants to their desired destinations, ensuring their consent and suitability for the journey.

While the arrival of migrants in Los Angeles did not catch city officials off guard, they remain committed to providing support and rejecting any influence from politicians using human lives for their political games. Attorneys and organizations like the Immigrant Defenders Law Center are working to process and review the migrants’ cases, aiming to reunite families separated at the border.

As the community in Los Angeles responds to the situation, toys and games were provided for the children staying at the church, aiming to bring some joy and comfort to their lives.