BREAKING: Elon Musk Twitter Takeover is Official

There’s been a lot of back and forth over Elon Musk’s desire to buy Twitter for $44B, but it looks

Elon Musk Twitter

There’s been a lot of back and forth over Elon Musk’s desire to buy Twitter for $44B, but it looks like the deal is done.

FACTZ reports that the $44 billion has been wired and the billionaire has traveled to San Francisco to officially take ownership of Twitter. But there will be no red ribbon cutting like most new business owners – instead, he’s looking at a cutting of another kind.

FACTZ adds, “FACTZ has exclusively learned that Musk plans to make a spectacle of taking over Twitter and ‘cleaning house.’

Musk has made statements planning to replace or eliminate 75% of Twitter’s staff, making the company about 2,000 employees.

According to our in-house source overseeing the transfer of power, ‘the 75% looks more like 90%.'”

With the money on the way and the billionaire poised to take control, things on Twitter could look very different soon. And different may or may not be better, depending on who you ask.

Elon Musk Twitter Takeover Met with Skepticism

Musk has been keeping a low profile on social media, with his most recent post reading simply, “A beautiful thing about Twitter is how it empowers citizen journalism – people are able to disseminate news without an establishment bias.”

But many people are skeptical about the billionaire’s takeover of Twitter.

After all, he wants to bring back Twitter’s most famous persona non grata – Donald Trump.

That plus his plans to pare back Twitter staff by an extreme number worries cybersecurity experts who believe that Twitter will soon become a nightmare of moderation failures and security breaches.

Elon Musk Twitter Deal Under Scrutiny

The deal has received ample criticism from citizens, but apparently one rumor that it was under investigation as a national security threat is not true, according to the White House.

Instead of using his own money to pay for the deal, Musk has sought funding from multiple foreign sources, which led to many speculating that national security interests would consider putting a stop to the deal.

However, the White House has assured the public that there’s no investigation and the deal can proceed forthwith.

The idea that the deal was under national security scrutiny brought criticism from conservatives who believed it was a sign of government overreach, a rumor which the Biden administration was quick to put to rest.