Briana DeJesus- Chris Lopez’s Dad Is Sliding Into My DM’s

Recently, there have been stories circulating regarding Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus and Chris Lopez, the father of Kailyn

Briana DeJesus

Recently, there have been stories circulating regarding Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus and Chris Lopez, the father of Kailyn Lowry’s third and fourth babies. While DeJesus exclusively spoke to CELEB earlier this week to confirm that she is not interested in Loepz and that they have never hooked up- and never will. No,w DeJesus has shared exclusively with CELEB that Lopez’s father has been criticizing her publicly and, today, took it a step further by sliding into her DM’s!

‘My Son Does Not Want Her’

Earlier this week, a screenshot circulated in the Teen Mom inter webs of some comments Lopez’s Dad made on an Instagram post. As can be seen above, he had the following to say about DeJesus:

  • “Yo my son does not want her at all!!!” He added a heart emoji and a 100 emoji. 
  • When a commenter said “she’s beautiful but she is so crazy” and another commenter said “Kail’s better anyways!” Lopez’s father responded that “I agree 100% + she has no STD’s!!!!!” He added three 100 emojis to this comment. 

Briana DeJesus Chris Lopez Dad DMs

As if this wasn’t enough, DeJesus exclusively shared with CELEB the following DM that she received from Lopez’s father:

Briana DeJesus Chris Lopez Dad DMs

As can be seen above, he wrote “Not sure if this is actually your account but just in case it is I have something to tell u….. Yo, LEAVE MY SON ALONE!!!!!” 

It is also evident in the screenshot that DeJesus does not follow him. 

A Ridiculous Situation

DeJesus spoke exclusively with CELEB to respond to the fact that Lopez’s father is now getting involved in all of this drama. 

“So this ‘situation’ with Chris is getting even more ridiculous,” DeJesus began with sharing. “Now his father is commenting on me and insulting me, claiming that Kail is better than me because she does not ‘have STD’s’ and that ‘Chris doesn’t want me.’”

“1- when the f—k did I say Chris did?” DeJesus explicitly questioned. “And 2- STD’s? It was AN STD that I was openly public about on camera on the show. When have I had STD’S PLURAL AKA MULTIPLE STD’s?”

Always tongue-in-cheek and one to not hold back, DeJesus then boldly added “And, for the record, the STD I had was cleared up by medication. Last I checked the fact that Chris choked Kail in the past isn’t something medication will erase.”

The Most Dramatic Human Being 

“As if his comments that were public weren’t enough,” DeJesus elaborated, “he decided to DM me this morning, saying ‘Not sure if this is actually your account but just in case it is, I have something to tell u… YO, LEAVE MY SON ALONE!!!!’”

So what did DeJesus have to say in response to the DM?

“Again,” DeJesus reiterated, “Chris was the one who liked my IG photo- something he admitted he did that was petty to piss off Kail. And let’s be honest- I don’t f—k with Kail because of how she’s treated me like s—t for so long, so I figured why not have a little fun with it?”

“I don’t want Chris at all though,” DeJesus added, “and it’s kinda funny his Dad is worried about me. He should worry about Kail trying to take out PFAs on his son only to turn around and get impregnated by him again. And he should be worried about the toxic relationship Chris and Kail have and how they act like two-year-olds hopping on social media to take digs at each other ALL THE TIME only to turn around and have more kids together.”

DeJesus still had more to Chris’s Dad wants me to leave Chris alone? How about this clout chaser of a father whose son isn’t even on TV leaves me alone and gets out of my DMs? I’m certainly not interested in engaging with him or his son or his son’s baby Mama who literally is the most dramatic human being on the planet.”

Miserable Lives

So where does this leave things in DeJesus’s eyes?

DeJesus wrapped with saying that, “They can all go continue to live their miserable lives and I’ll keep living my beautiful one. God bless my Mama for raising me right, as I’ll never accept a man who puts his hands on me. If that makes Kail a better choice for Chris, then so be it.”

“I wish them all a happy, miserable existence together,” DeJesus added. “Peace.”

While DeJesus clearly seems over the ridiculousness that has amassed from a non-existent relationship, something tells us this won’t be the last we hear of this situation or drama pertaining to it.


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