‘Our Relationship’- Briana DeJesus Breaks Silence On Hooking Up With Chris Lopez

When Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus came onto the show, there was immediate drama with co-star Kailyn Lowry. This

Briana DeJesus Teen Mom

When Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus came onto the show, there was immediate drama with co-star Kailyn Lowry.

This was because DeJesus was dating Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. While DeJesus and Marroquin ended up not working out, the tension between Lowry and DeJesus did not go anywhere. After a near physical fight at the reunion show back in 2018, the pair have not made amends since. 

While Lowry ended up having two babies with Chris Lopez, recently there has been speculation that there could be something going on between Lopez and DeJesus. Stories have popped up suggesting that Lopez and DeJesus are hooking up. CELEB reached out to DeJesus exclusively to find out what’s going on- and, in typical fashion, she did not hold her tongue.

Briana Says It’s Kind Of Funny

DeJesus began with sharing with CELEB that “I’m not sure why this is suddenly a topic of discussion again- even though I have to admit it’s kind of funny as you know Kail’s going to be aggravated and she’s been nothing but a b-tch to me ever since I came on the show- but since it is, I’m going to address it.”

“Chris Lopez – Kail’s baby daddy- liked a photo of me on Instagram and suddenly there’s all these reports going around that either I’m trying to date him or he’s trying to date me or that we’re hooking up to spite Kail,” DeJesus continued sharing. “None of this could be further from the truth. I am not hooking up with Chris, I have never hooked up with Chris, and I never will hook up with Chris.”

DeJesus elaborated that “Even if I was attracted to him- which I’m not, to be clear- I want NO involvement with Kail or anyone she’s been involved with nor am I trying to give her babies a half-sibling LMAO.”

Well aware that people will claim she already had involvement with one of Lowry’s men, DeJesus added that “Yes, I know people will jump down my throat and say ‘well you already did cuz of Javi.’ I admit that and clearly, that relationship was a mistake- not to mention he was cheating on all of us and playing all of us, so there’s that too- but unlike some people *cough* Kail *cough* I learn from my past. I would not repeat that mistake again.”

Jenelle Is Correct

DeJesus wasn’t done going in on Lowry- and the situation- even bringing up former co-star Jenelle Evans, stating that “Say what you will about Jenelle Evans- who I’ve always had a cordial relationship with- but facts are facts and she’s right regarding Kail. Kail continues to come for the same people time and time again- namely, Jenelle and I.”

Jenelle Evans

“She has had an issue with me since day 1,” DeJesus expounded, “and while at first it seemed to be over Javi- which, again, if she was over him I’m not really sure why that would have been an issue in the first place- I’m not quite sure what her issue is with me now. While she thinks she’s ‘above’ me- and everyone else for that matter- the truth is that we all ended up on Teen Mom because we got pregnant at 16. For all of our ‘differences,’ we all started from the same place.”

Beat Her and Cheat On Her

DeJesus went on to explain to CELEB that she is no longer interested in repairing anything with Lowry- which she has publicly offered to try to do in the past. 

Kailyn Lowry

“At this point,” DeJesus shared, “I don’t care to engage with Kail in terms of exploring ‘patching a relationship.’ I offered that up in the past to no avail and she continued to put me down and come for me. She even offered to have Jenelle on her Podcast but refused to have me. For how mature she wants to appear to be, it’s clear she’s still holding on to a grudge from the past.”

DeJesus added that “And I’m sure the rumors regarding Chris and I are only going to fuel her fire, but you heard it here from the source’s mouth- Chris and I are not an item and will never be. I want no part of anything Kail’s WAP has touched, for real. Whatever’s between her and her baby daddies- including ones that beat her and cheat on her- is between her. I’m over anything involving her.”

On Chris Lopez – You Can’t Teach That Old Dog New Tricks

DeJesus once again asserted to CELEB there is nothing whatsoever going on with her and Lopez, detailing that “If Chris and I are friendly on Instagram, I’m confirming that’s the extent of our ‘relationship.’ I’ve never met him, don’t intend to meet him, and- again- am not and WILL not ever date him or hook up with him. And that’s that.”

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus reunited with baby daddy

“I apologize in advance that Kail won’t have something new to bash me on or attack me over,” DeJesus wrapped with stating, “but knowing that old dog never learns new tricks I’m sure she can continue to harp on me from whatever past issues she has with me in her head. I can’t wait to hear the next Coffee and Convos where my name will surely come up.”

“You’re welcome in advance for that free press, Kail,” DeJesus wrapped with saying. “Next time I’ll charge. Peace.”


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