Briana DeJesus Claps Back at Kail and Explains Protective Order

It’s been a week of fiery back-and-forth volleys between Teen Mom‘s Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus. From accusations of digging

Briana DeJesus Claps Back at Kail and Explains Protective Order

It’s been a week of fiery back-and-forth volleys between Teen Mom‘s Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus. From accusations of digging into each other’s past to hooking up – sorry, meeting up – with exes for hazy motives, the pair has been on fire as they continue to duke it out in the public sphere. Now, DeJesus is speaking out about those infamous leaked texts with mutual ex Javi Marroquin.

Briana Claps Back

Briana DeJesus Claps Back at Kail and Explains Protective Order

Here’s a quick summary of how we got to where we are over the past two weeks: Lowry leaked some texts between DeJesus and Marroquin. In them, DeJesus dropped the bombshell that she was heading to Delaware to film a podcast with Lowry’s ex, Chris Lopez, and wanted to meet up with Marroquin for lunch. Lowry leaked them as proof that DeJesus was plotting and scheming behind her back as DeJesus told Marroquin she intended to keep their meeting “secret.” While Lowry does have a point that DeJesus meeting up with Lopez seems loaded with motives – in all fairness, DeJesus and Marroquin once dated so their past is solid. However, Marroquin turned her down. Once Lowry realized that DeJesus and Lopez are in cahoots now, she opted out of filming the latest Teen Mom episode. On that episode, Lopez complained about Lowry keeping his kids from him, prompting Lowry to set the record straight and remind him that the court established custody and it’s out of her hands.

Now, DeJesus is directly addressing the whole incident in an interview with CELEBuzz, “‘Since Kailyn Lowry decided to SUE ME, I have not discussed her online. In fact, I even went as far as to instruct story sharing companies I work with to refrain from sharing stories about her as I don’t want any drama with her going forward. I have also tried to keep as low a profile as possible with discussing anything pertaining to her. With that being said, though, I find it completely ridiculous that she has decided to YET AGAIN start drama with me by leaking texts between Javi and I,’ Bri spilled to Celebuzz.

‘While she’s clearly salty about the fact that I went on Chris’s podcast, let’s review a BASIC FACT- SHE HAD DEVOIN ON HER PODCAST FIRST. Did you see me make a stink about it? Did I even mention it? No. You want to talk messy? That was STRAIGHT UP messy. Yet somehow when it’s the reverse it’s me who is ‘messy’ for going on Chris’s. Just like she can be friends with Devoin and have him on her Podcast the same can go in this direction, no? Talk about her having a double standard much?'”

DeJesus points out that whatever Lowry thinks of her motives of meeting up with Lopez, it was definitely underhanded to drop the leaked texts and try to spin a narrative DeJesus says simply isn’t real.

DeJesus continued, per CELEBuzz, “‘Kail wants to keep playing games with me and trying to stoke some fire because she thinks she has the upper hand and is on some quest to destroy me,’ Briana shared. ‘I’d just advise everyone to think about the following quote- never assume the loud is strong and the quiet is weak. it’s also interesting to note she decided to pull this stunt on the day she’s NOT featured on a Teen Mom 2 episode. That seems salty to me- not to mention WAY too coincidental.’

She signed off with some advice for Kailyn: ‘I’d best advise she stops playing games with me, especially as we’re both involved a lawsuit she started. I’ve already made my lawyer aware of her latest move. Thanks again, Kailyn. Stay classy.'”

The Protective Order vs The Lawsuit

Briana DeJesus Claps Back at Kail and Explains Protective Order

In reality, they’re both playing with fire by continuing to engage one another. Lowry has filed a lawsuit against DeJesus claiming defamation after DeJesus said Lowry once beat her ex, Lopez. In return, DeJesus filed an anti-slapp motion to protect her freedom of speech and has since filed for an order of protection. The order of protection, DeJesus says, is designed to prevent Lowry from digging into her past – specifically about her sexual partners – as the lawsuit continues.

Per CELEBuzz, “‘While I have kept things pertaining to the lawsuit Kailyn Lowry filed against me – and by things I mean specific details – the press has gotten a hold of the fact that I had to file a protective order after Kail tried to expose my sexual history via her attorney in the lawsuit,’ Briana shared in an exclusive statement to Celebuzz. ‘I want to address this myself as it pertains to my personal life.’

‘My lawyer and I don’t personally feel like questions regarding my sex life pertain in any way, shape, or form to the lawsuit she filed but her lawyer was insistent that any of these questions regarding my sexual history be made a matter of public record,’ Briana explained. ‘I obviously took an issue with thither being a matter of public record, as my sex life and history is my personal business and, while I am a public figure, this should not be a matter of public record, especially in a lawsuit that has absolutely nothing to do with my sexual history or who I have or have not slept with.'”

While they duke it out in the courts, both women would do to remember that sometimes – less is more. The more they engage, the harder they’ll both have to fight to prove their cases. Right now, it just looks like a petty tiff between two erstwhile enemies – and a judge could well toss out both complaints. Time will tell if Lowry opts to return a volley on the latest statements from DeJesus, or if they’ll continue to take sideline potshots at one another.