Briana DeJesus- Javi And I Are Officially Dating

While there are always crazy rumors floating around the Teen Mom 2 universe, today a new report popped up that

Briana DeJesus Teen Mom

While there are always crazy rumors floating around the Teen Mom 2 universe, today a new report popped up that alleged Briana DeJesus had a new relationship in her life. Rather than let the rumor sit out and about without confirmation, CELEB exclusively reached out to DeJesus to get to the bottom of what’s going on. 

The Big Reveal 

The information pertaining to DeJesus’s new relationship was released in an exclusive story on The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

In her story, The Ashley’s stated the following:

  • DeJesus was dating a new man named Javier Gonzalez AKA Javi. 
  • Gonzalez is a tattoo artist located in Orlando. 
  • Gonzalez has two daughters whose lives he is involved in 

The Ashley’s also referenced some social media posts DeJesus has made as of late that appear to be about Gonzalez. These included: 

  • A post on her Instagram story showing off roses with a note that said “You give me tunnel vision I don’t see nothing else.” As The Ashley’s mentioned, the name after “From” was blacked out by DeJesus when she posted it. DeJesus had captioned this post “Ugh so in love.”
  • A tweet DeJesus had issued stating “Never in my entire life have I met someone with the same love language as me until recently and that s—t gives me chills just thinking about it.”
  • A picture of Gonzalez (who had not been identified at that point in time) that DeJesus posted to her Instagram story. 

It’s Official!

As aforementioned, CELEB reached out to DeJesus to confirm if what The Ashley’s was reporting was indeed correct- as well as to get all the details on her new beau if it was. 

DeJesus began by stating that “While I wasn’t ready to tell the world this yet, someone leaked my personal life and what’s going on with it.”

“I always strive to be straight up with my fans,” DeJesus continued, “so I want to let them know that it is true- I am dating Javi.”

After confirming the new, DeJesus went on to state that “No, it’s not Javi Marroquin before people start going in on me for ‘making up a story’ or trying to cause drama. And, no, sorry to disappoint Chris Lopez’s Dad and Kail, but it’s not Chris Lopez either lol.”

“My new man’s name happens to be Javi (Gonzalez) and he is a tattoo artist in Florida,” DeJesus went on to confirm. 

Things Are Going Really Well 

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus

So how is the new relationship going? 

“We just started dating and things are going really well,” DeJesus went on to share with CELEB. “He has two children who he is involved with and he’s a great Dad. Thus, if things get serious, I know he’ll be amazing with my kids as well if it got to that point.”

“Since it’s new and we’re just starting, we’re obviously still getting to know each other- but things are off to a great start and we’re very, very happy together thus far,” DeJesus went on to add. 

While The Ashley’s noted it was not certain if “the new Javi” would film on Teen Mom 2, DeJesus went on to state that “As far as if Javi will film Teen Mom 2 or not, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m always open with my fans- and this season should be proving that more than ever- so if we continue to progress and he wants to be on the show since he’s in my life of course I’d welcome him to film with me.”

Meet The Family 

While many will wonder if Gonzalez has met DeJesus’s Mom, Roxanne, her sister, Brittany, or her daughters, Nova and Stella, DeJesus confirmed she is holding off on that for now. 

“Javi hasn’t met my Mom or my kids or Brittany yet,” DeJesus detailed. “I’m not looking to rush things and I am being responsible and ensuring this is a long-term thing before introducing him to my kids.”

“Just know that I am very happy with the way things are going and, for the first time in a long time, I’m starting to find my happy again,” DeJesus went on to note. 

DeJesus wrapped with saying that “I promise I’ll keep my fans aware of things as they continue to develop and to those of you who have rooted for me since day 1, I appreciate you so much and I see all the love you give me online.”

Never one to not be tongue-in-cheek, DeJesus wrapped with saying that “And for the haters who will criticize me even if I was to establish world peace? Well, I guess I just gave you something new to talk about.”

A Dramatic Season 

Briana DeJesus posing

Currently, fans can watch DeJesus’s life play out every Tuesday night at 8 PM EST on MTV on the currently airing season of Teen Mom 2. While there is a lot of drama playing out with her ex, Luis Hernandez, on the current season, it’s nice to see this is all in the past and that DeJesus has found a new man and is in a happy place. CELEB looks forward to seeing this new relationship continue to flourish. 


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