Briana DeJesus Throwing Party to Celebrate Lawsuit Win – and Fellow Teen Moms May Attend, Widening Rift with Kail

It's only been a few weeks since the end of the legal saga between Teen Mom's Briana DeJesus and Kailyn

Briana DeJesus Throwing Party to Celebrate Lawsuit Win - and Fellow Teen Moms May Attend

It's only been a few weeks since the end of the legal saga between Teen Mom's Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry.

But that's apparently enough time for DeJesus to decide that winning the lawsuit against her rival isn't enough – now she needs to rub it in her face with her own "take that, Kail" party.

DeJesus announced yesterday that she's throwing a celebration in honor of the lawsuit being dismissed in her favor, and she's inviting some fellow Teen Mom castmates. Aside from the party dividing opinion, if some of the pair's castmates attend it may widen the rift with Lowry even further.

A Party That is Dividing Opinions

Some people can win and be content with the knowledge that they came out on top.

It would appear that DeJesus is not one of those people. Now, on top of winning in the court case against Lowry, she has to remind everyone that she won – namely, rival Lowry.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup revealed the party plans on May 4; "The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Bri— who had Kail’s defamation lawsuit against her dismissed last month— is throwing a party next weekend to further whoop it up that she beat Kail. The Ashley’s sources tell her that Bri has extended invites to a bunch of cast members from Teen Mom 2, as well as Teen Mom OG and even Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

MTV cameras are also invited; however, The Ashley can’t yet confirm if producers are taking Bri up on her offer to film the shindig.

'With as bad as the ratings are right now, they will probably jump on this and film it,” one production source tells The Ashley. “If someone tips Kail off, it would make for glorious TV.'"

According to the site, the party will be held in Florida.

Is it Briana’s Due – or Trashy?

Of course the question is: is this what DeJesus deserves, or is this taking her gloating too far?

When the judge dismissed the defamation lawsuit against DeJesus in her favor, the enemies had two strikingly different reactions.

The Heavy writes, "On April 18, 2022, Lowry’s defamation lawsuit against DeJesus was dismissed. In a statement to Celebuzz, DeJesus simply shared, 'I won.'

According to Us Weekly, DeJesus later posted an Instagram Story that showed her buying a clown costume– fans suspected it was for Lowry. She also wrote in the gift message, 'Alexa play ‘b**** better have my money!' "

Lowry, on the other hand, was more measured in her response, writing that the ruling was unfortunate but that the things DeJesus said about her (that she assaulted her ex and baby daddy Chris Lopez) remain untrue.

The Ashley spoke to a source close to the situation who says that this upcoming party isn't landing well with all of the pair's mutual castmates; "'Some of the [cast and crew] think it’s really low of Briana to do this,' one source tells The Ashley. 'They don’t think it’s a good look to attend a ‘Bash Kail’ party, especially when they personally have nothing against Kail. It’s messy and immature.

'A lot of people think this is just Briana trying get the other cast members to pick a ‘side’ between her and Kail. Honestly, most people [in the cast] don’t care enough,' the source added."

Rumors suggest another person on the outs with Lowry for the past few years – Jenelle Evans – may also be invited.

Will this divide the cast even further, or will most refuse to attend? Will Lowry speak out about the clear attempt to rub victory in her face? It's hard to predict.

For now, the only thing we do know is that DeJesus is going after Lowry to recoup her legal fees – and Lowry just wants to put it all behind her.