Briana DeJesus Responds To Being Sued- I’ll See Them In Court!

It’s not uncommon for the women on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 to have drama; however, it is

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It’s not uncommon for the women on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 to have drama; however, it is relatively uncommon for them to be sued. Recently, it was revealed that Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is being sued for over $5000. DeJesus exclusively spoke to CELEB about the lawsuit and gave her response to it- and it’s clear she’s not backing down without a fight. 

The Allegations

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According to a report from The Sun yesterday, here’s what’s going down in terms of the lawsuit: 

  • The Sun reports that they obtained a “claim of lien” that involved DeJesus and her mother, Roxanne. Specifically, it involved the home that they live in (which DeJesus’s sister, Brittany, and Dejesus’s daughters, Nova and Stella also reside in). 
  • The lien notes that a construction company is suing DeJesus and her Mom claiming they “provided granite, paint, plumbing materials, labor and related supplies.” 
  • The lien notes that this was done from a time-period of November 25, 2019, to January 21, 2020.
  • The court documents were officially field on February 21st and state that DeJesus and her Mom owe $5585.2.

The Sun reached out to DeJesus who gave the following statement about the lawsuit: “Granite was not cut right and they messed up the plumbing. We are fighting to not pay for it because they messed up.”

Struggling Financially?!

While that’s all the information that The Sun had regarding the lawsuit, they went on to review a scene from this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Specifically, they discussed a scene where DeJesus met with her two baby daddies- Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez– and gave them a list of everything she pays for. 

In the scene, DeJesus  asked them to help with the finances for their daughters, specifically stating that “wanted to sit down with you guys so we can come to some type of solution. I feel like I am doing everything by myself. I wrote down everything that I pay for even my bills. I pay a lot monthly. You may think I have extra money than you guys because of this TV show. But all my money went to this house. We can pick a bill. We can go half on it. We can do something, but something has to change because Stella and Nova need you guys. I want them to have strong father figures in their lives.”

Interestingly, in the title of their article, The Sun connected DeJesus’s lawsuit with this scene, stating that she “struggles with money.”

Briana Responds

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When DeJesus talked to CELEB, she had more to add regarding the lawsuit, the specific scene the Sun referenced from Teen Mom 2 this week and where things stand. 

“It is true that I am being sued but the fact of me not paying the $5000 and change I’m being sued for has NOTHING to do with me ‘struggling with money,’” DeJesus began by explicitly stating. “It’s kind of ridiculous that the media would allege that I’m struggling with money after this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 where I sat my baby daddies down to discuss that I pay for everything and they need to pitch in to pay for stuff too.”

“One thing has nothing to do with the other,” DeJesus elaborated. “These men are the girls’ fathers so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be contributing to their daughters. I mean, come on, Devoin is on Instagram bragging about wanting a PS5 but I’m supposed to feel guilty for asking him to help with Nova? Umm… no lol.”

But what about the lawsuit? 

DeJesus went on to state that “I did NOT pay the $5000 and change due to the fact that they didn’t cut my granite right. I paid over $6000 for this granite and they ended up messing it up. Then, due to them having to replace my granite, they ended up screwing up my plumbing.”

“I’m including a video and photo to show exactly what I mean,” DeJesus wrapped with sharing, sending us the video and photo CELEB has included below. “I have no problems ever paying for anything- for my daughters or otherwise- but I have no intention of paying for this mess that the company doing the work created. As the saying goes, I’ll see them in court.”

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