Teen Mom Briana DeJesus Reunited With Ex Luis Hernandez

Teen Mom stars like Briana DeJesus, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry always tend to be the topic of tabloid reports.

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus

Teen Mom stars like Briana DeJesus, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry always tend to be the topic of tabloid reports. These reports tend to frequent around rumors regarding pregnancies, their relationships, and more.

Recently, it was reported that Teen Mom 2 star Briana had a birthday party for her second daughter, Stella. While that’s nothing newsworthy in and of itself, fans caught that baby Daddy Luis Hernandez happened to be present at the event. Seeing as Luis has not really been involved in Stella’s life very much, this indeed was rather surprising.

Fans immediately started to wonder what him being present could mean. Specifically, could his attendance indicate he may start getting more involved in Stella’s life and stepping up as a parent? Could he be pursuing more of a co-parenting relationship? Or, in a serious twist, could he and Briana actually be getting back together?

The lowdown from Briana herself…

We spoke to Briana exclusively to find out what was going on with Luis and, of course, if there was any potential of him being present at Stella’s birthday party being indicative of them being back together.

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“As those who have followed my journey know, I’ve been extremely critical of Luis for his lack of involvement in Stella’s life since she was born,” Briana began with sharing with us. “I had hoped and dreamed of a father figure in her life that would be proactive and involved, as I never had that growing up.”

“Alas,” she continued, “that’s not the hand I was dealt and he’s not been a model parent by any stretch of the imagination.”

So with all of his past missteps in terms of parenting, why was he even at Stella’s birthday party?

Briana revealed to us that “With that being said, I do always make the effort to try to include him in major milestones of Stella’s life. I did end up inviting him to her birthday party. He ended up coming, which was a nice surprise for her.”

As far as the future- in terms of Luis stepping up his game to be a father to Stella- Briana shared that “I do always continue to hope that he will be more actively involved in her life as time goes on, and this is truly a case of time will tell.”

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So are Briana and Luis getting back together?

Finally, we got into if Briana actually could be considering getting back together with Luis.

On this, she told us that “For those asking if we are getting back together or if that’s even on my radar since he came to her birthday party, that’s an affirmative no.”

“Luis is a thing of the past,” she added. “Whatever mistakes I’ve made with him need to stay there, and the only positive out of that mess is my beautiful daughter Stella.”

Teen mom drama…

Aside from Luis, Briana recently had drama with her co-star Kailyn Lowry. As fans know the two have had long-standing beef since Briana dated Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin. The latest drama began over Kail commenting on a Teen Mom fan Instagram “Happy Father’s Day” and tagging Devoin Austin, the father of Briana’s first daughter Nova. This was in response to the fan account posting an image that Briana had re-posted to her own Instagram of someone wishing her a happy Father’s Day due to her playing both the role of Mom and Dad in her daughter’s lives. Also on the post, it alluded that Briana was DMing with Kail’s ex Chris Lopez.

In an exclusive interview with Champion Daily, Briana responded to Kail- and she didn’t hold back.

“It has come to my attention that Kail seems to want to be messy and insert herself in my life, yet again,” Briana began with sharing, “specifically a part of my life she has no part of. When I was tagged in a photo that I reposted saying ‘Happy Father’s Day to the single mothers out there who play both roles’ wishing me a ‘happy Father’s Day’ this had NOTHING whatsoever to do with Kail.”

Briana had more to share with Champion Daily, dishing that “The fact of the matter is Devoin has never been a ‘full-time Dad’ to Nova regardless of when he tries to step up. Luis has and continues to be absent in Stella’s life. So, yes, I am doing the job of two. Thank God I have my Mom and my sister to help me out.”

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“Being a parent is a challenging job and I have said countless times before that I would have wanted nothing more than for my daughters to be raised with their fathers in their lives,” she continued. “Unfortunately, that is not the case.”

Briana then turned her attention to her co-star, stating “With that being said, a Teen Mom fan account posted my repost and of course Kail had to be Kail and go commenting ‘Happy Father’s Day Devoin’ and tag him,” she began. “Girl, for someone that says you don’t want anything to do with me, you certainly seem to want to play the game. So you wanna play? Let’s play.”

“You have THREE baby Daddies,” Briana continued, “one of whom took an INTEREST IN ME while he was still DOING YOU and his current baby Mama. WE BOTH GOT PLAYED. Stop acting like the victim at this point and give it a rest.”

“Why are you still hung up on hating me over some old Javi [Marroquin] drama?” Briana continued, addressing Kail. “I DO NOT WANT JAVI BACK. He’s all yours! Have him! Enjoy him! But stop trying to fight with me simply for the fact that you’re still bitter about drama that is YEARS old at this point.”

“I’ve said countless times I would be willing to talk it out with you and move on but you’re not about that life,” she elaborated. “Don’t you have better things to worry about then inserting yourself into drama with one of my children’s fathers? Aren’t you knocked up again from the man you said beat you in leaked DM’s?”

“And while we’re talking about that man- I have not EVER ‘slid into his DM’s,’” Briana confirmed to Champion Daily in response to that allegation. “I saw a fan say that I had and you responded to ask Chris and tagged him.”

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Briana then went even more in, explicitly stating that “I DO NOT WANT YOUR MEN. Javi was a mistake but it’s in the past. I’m not stalking your life, I want no part of the men in your life, and I don’t want or seek out drama with you. There’s REAL LIFE problems going on in the world like a pandemic and Black Lives Matter… but it seems you want to continue to throw shade and daggers and start drama.”

“Just like I said with Javi,” Briana added in that interview, “CHRIS IS ALL YOURS. I have never talked to him, don’t intend to talk to him, and am over you trying to suggest I go after your men. I don’t envy your life at all. And if you want nothing to do with mine, then stop talking about me. It’s really simple. And if you want to talk about me, be a woman, and let’s sit down and have a conversation.”

“This petty black door BS is getting old,” she wrapped with saying to Champion Daily. “You’re a soon to be Mom of four. Isn’t it time to be a role model at all? Anyways, good luck with your baby being born. I hope he’s beautiful and you have a safe delivery. And while you’re delivering, please don’t worry about conversations with Chris I’m not having and have never had. Take care, now, Kail… until the next dramatic thing I’m sure I’ll have to address soon.”

While MTV has not set a date for the new season of Teen Mom 2 to begin airing, lots of reports online have started to claim that it will be later this summer. Based on all of the above, it seems that we will definitely be in for quite the dramatic season.