Briana DeJesus: Inside The Teen Mom 2 Star’s Private Battle With MTV

For a few weeks now, there has been a lot of speculation in terms of what is going on with

Briana DeJesus MTV

For a few weeks now, there has been a lot of speculation in terms of what is going on with Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus and MTV. This all started when DeJesus issued some tweets blasting the network. Then, stories started circulating that DeJesus had quit the show.  Next, details came out regarding what the alleged incident was over. Now, an exclusive source close to DeJesus has spilled all the beans to CELEB about DeJesus’s private battle with MTV- and it’s pretty juicy. 

The Tweets

Late last month, DeJesus took to Twitter to share the following tweet:

“Lol f—k MTv lol they love to choose and pick what matters and what doesn’t matter lol I don’t get paid enough to be treated like s—t compared to these other self centered b—Ches! I’m ok with not filming.” As can be seen below, DeJesus added a peace sign.

Briana DeJesus Teen Mom 2 MTV Battle

Then, DeJesus issued a second tweet, adding that “I am the most easiest person to work with. I give Mtv my all and I’m very transparent with a lot of things. I hate when they dangle s—t in my face or give me ultimatums. Y’all can suck my d—k and find another mom to boss around. I got my house and that’s all I needed. Bye now!”

Here is a copy of that tweet:

Briana DeJesus Teen Mom 2 MTV Battle

Some Information Outed

Briana DeJesus posing

Soon after those tweets were issued, a story appeared in The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that alleged what was going on with MTV that led to DeJesus issuing those tweets.

The Ashley’s insider stated that “MTV asked her to have her boyfriend get a COVID test. Even if they don’t film him, he’s around her a lot, so they need him to test negative. It’s part of the COVID regulations.”

“They can’t film with her until he’s tested because he’s around her so much and is a tattoo artist so there’s a risk of exposure,” The Ashley’s source continued dishing. “When Briana was informed of this, she flipped out and said it wasn’t fair and that [the producers] can’t force her to do anything.”

The Ashley’s insider confirmed that filming had stopped with DeJesus at the time, noting that “They are not filming at all until they can come to an agreement,” the source stated. “If she doesn’t agree to have him tested, the crew can’t film around her.”

A second source The Ashley’s spoke to stated that “People are very upset because they are down [in Florida], away from their families and homes for weeks in order to stay safe and get the season filmed, and now there’s this delay over a stupid test.”

“Basically,” this second insider added, “[the producers] feel that having someone who is untested around Briana will put everyone at risk, and essentially make the bubble useless.”

Inappropriate Protocol

An insider close to the situation reached out to CELEB to respond to all of the allegations and clarify what exactly is going down. 

“There has been a lot of speculation in terms of what’s going on with Briana and Teen Mom 2 since her first tweets blasting the network,” CELEB’s source began by sharing. “The fact of the matter is that Briana was upset about her boyfriend, Javi, not being allowed to film with her due to covid concerns. Briana has brought to the attention of the network throughout the COVID pandemic that she doesn’t necessarily feel all appropriate precautions are being followed by the network/production in terms of keeping her and her family safe… thus it doesn’t make sense to her why Javi filming would be such an issue.”

CELEB’s insider went on to provide a specific example of what they were referring to, stating that “For example, she doesn’t feel that certain items are sterilized as much as they should be or that things like temperature checks are being followed through in an appropriate manner.”

MTV Is Concerned

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus

“MTV obviously is concerned about her leaving,” CELEB’s source went on to dish, “as they have sent her flowers that recently surfaced online in a photo. That being said, flowers aren’t going to glaze over this situation. Briana has frequently given her all to this show- even filming such personal things as the Luis STD drama this season- while some of her other cast members spend their storyline playing up drama from almost 10 years ago and pushing products they want to sell.”

CELEB’s insider elaborated more, sharing that“Briana continues to feel slighted in comparison to the ‘original’ cast members and she’s reaching a breaking point. While she’s contractually holding up her obligations for taping confessionals and what she has to do with the currently airing season, she’s really feeling like she needs a break.”

Someone Is Leaking Her Business

CELEB’s source went on to dish that there is something else getting on DeJesus’s nerves- namely that all of her business ends up on some blogs before she even has the chance to share the news herself (such as her new boyfriend or what the issues were with MTV).

“What’s even more frustrating is that someone close to her in production seems to be leaking all of her business to a blog,” CELEB’s insider detailed “She’s really irritated about that as she frequently stays quiet until she has to address situations once they leak. For example, the only people that knew about Javi were production and her family. How would that leak? Briana is confident her family doesn’t talk to a certain blog so obviously someone in production is leaking s—t.”

“It’s the same with the STD story which leaked and the story about her quitting,” they elaborated. “Someone is giving very personal details that are confidential away and Briana is irritated about it.”

Not Set In Stone

Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus

CELEB’s insider wrapped with sharing that “While next season isn’t set in stone- as the network hasn’t even issued contracts for it yet or a pick up notification- Briana isn’t sure what she’s going to do. She wants to be treated fairly and as equal as the original moms from the show get treated.”

“She also wants a safe working environment, not one that’s safe only when they feel like making it safe.,” they added. “What will happen remains to be seen ultimately, so fans will just have to wait and see, but it’s safe to say that things right now aren’t in the best place.”


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