Shocking Details Released in Stabbing Death of UCLA Student Who Texted Friend About a ‘Creepy Guy’ Shortly Before Being Murdered

In January, the country was rocked by news that a young UCLA student had been brutally murdered at her workplace.

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In January, the country was rocked by news that a young UCLA student had been brutally murdered at her workplace.

Brianna Kupfer was just 24 when she was brutally stabbed to death in a random murder that gripped the nation. A murder suspect has since been arrested.

But a new report details how Kupfer died, and it's a horrifying peek into the last moments of the young woman's life.

Details About Kupfer’s Death

Kupfer was working a shift alone at the Croft House furniture store in Los Angeles on an unassuming January day.

According to reports, she noticed a man outside she described as "creepy" who was giving her bad vibes, and texted a friend about it.

Unfortunately, the friend did not view the text immediately – and around 1PM, 31-year-old Shawn Laval Smith entered the store.

Smith stabbed Kupfer to death, and a new report reveals that she received 26 stab wounds in the horrifying attack.

Fox News reports, "The autopsy report found extensive injuries across Kupfer’s body, including 11 stab wounds in her chest, five in her left arm, three in her left leg, and one in her pelvis, the New York Post reported. Her body also had two stab wounds each in her abdomen, right leg and right arm."

After the horrific attack, Smith fled the scene and was later arrested.

Fox News explains, "LAPD Lt. John Radtke said Smith initially hovered around the store for a few minutes before leaving. Smith allegedly returned a short time later, entered the store, and fatally stabbed Kupfer.

Radtke also said during the news conference that Kupfer noticed Smith’s unusual activity and sent a text to a friend saying there was a creepy man outside the store moments before she was stabbed to death.

'She sent a text to a friend letting her know that there was someone inside the location that was giving her a bad vibe,' he said. 'Regrettably, that person did not see the text immediately.'"

Kupfer's friend saw the text about 15 minutes after she sent it, but she was dead after only 10 minutes.

Smith is now facing murder charges, but the case against him is on hold as the District Attorney is awaiting the results of a mental health evaluation that was initiated by his legal counsel.

Smith has an extensive criminal history which includes gun charges and attacking a police officer.

Los Angeles DA George Gascón has been criticized as being too soft on crime, with opponents suggesting that Kupfer's murder was preventable if the system had held Smith accountable and kept him locked up.

Others decry the blame game as political grandstanding that has no place in the story of a murdered young woman.

‘She Loved to Sew’

Kupfer was just getting her life started. She had been working at the Croft House for a year before her murder, which police describe as "random."

In many ways, [Brianna] embodied everything that is great about Los Angeles, and the entire city should grieve over this senseless act. Brianna was a smart, funny, driven and a kind soul who only wanted to better herself and her community on a daily basis.

Family has spoken of Kupfer after her death, sharing their heartache and horror at a life taken so suddenly and so violently, per Fox News, "Kupfer graduated from the University of Miami before returning to her home state to pursue a degree in design.

Her father, Todd Kupfer, told Fox News that she loved to sew and eventually wanted to launch a clothing line.

'We'll miss her greatly and there won't be a day that goes by that we will not think of her,' the family wrote in the statement. She leaves behind a little sister, Mikaela, and two brothers, Tucker and Brandon."