BREAKING: Britney Spears Cavorts and Mutters Incoherently in New Concerning Video

Ever since she was a literal child, Britney Spears has been constantly in the public eye. That means that all

Britney Spears video

Ever since she was a literal child, Britney Spears has been constantly in the public eye.

That means that all of her moments – the good and the bad – have come with intense scrutiny and judgment.

When she was finally released from her decade-long conservatorship, fans and followers alike rejoiced at the pop queen’s new found freedom.

But it didn’t take long before concerning behavior surfaced that had people wondering if maybe there was a valid reason to have someone helping her make big life decisions.

A new Instagram video has fans sounding all of the alarm bells.


Britney Spears Fans Struggle to Find a Balance in Supporting the Star

Fans have struggled to find a balance between supporting Spears, and keeping an eye out for another impending public breakdown.

In recent weeks, Britney has dealt with people calling the police on her because she dared to close her Instagram account – and they assumed she was in danger.

It could be a habit they built while she was in a conservatorship, when many fans followed her every public move in the hope of seeing her convey the message that she was trapped and wanted out.

As it turned out, they were right – she was trapped and she did want out.

Public scrutiny and pressure on the courts helped expedite her case and soon the judge ruled that she had the right to be free from a conservatorship which was helmed mostly by her father, Jamie Spears.

So perhaps they’re just a little jumpy based on past behavior, and calling the police because she closed her Instagram is a bit of an overreach.

However, a new video from Spears has fans worried anew – and for good reason.

New Video Shows Concerning Behavior

In the new video, Spears appears to adopt an Australian accent, and thanks an unnamed company for sending a beautiful dress. She captions the video, “Stay humble out there, y’all 🦄🦄 !!! Hi mommy and daddy, I am a star ⭐️ now have you heard ??? Carry on peeps …”

In the video, Spears jumps around from topic to topic, at times briefly incoherent.

She tells fans, “Guys, I just want you to know, if I shut down my Instagram, do not call the cops,” – and then tells fans, “Don’t ever be a roller coaster!”

If anyone could ever be accused of being a roller coaster, it would be Spears, so she speaks from experience.

This new vid comes on the heels of a public breakdown the singer experienced a few weeks ago while out for dinner with husband Sam Asghari.

While it’s concerning, with some fans saying the newest video is “terrifying,” it’s not illegal to be a little off your rocker (or act like you are).

As long as she’s not a risk to herself or others, Spears deserves her freedom.