Everything We Know About BTS’ Upcoming Album ‘BE’ — Track List, Release Date, More

Get ready, BTS fans, because the K-Pop group is about to drop a brand new album, called BE. That’s right,

BTS Boy Band

Get ready, BTS fans, because the K-Pop group is about to drop a brand new album, called BE. That’s right, the boy band — which consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook — just announced that their highly anticipated LP will come out on November 20, 2020, and we can’t wait!

That means we are just a few days away from a bunch of new songs from the musicians, and everyone is seriously freaking out over the news. But wait, what else do we know about the album? What will the songs on it be called? Will there be any collabs? And what will it be about? Not to worry, you guys, because we broke it all down for you. From the track list to the album cover and so much more, here’s everything we know about BTS’ upcoming album, BE.

What Songs Are Going To Be On ‘BE?’

Lucky for us, the guys shared the full track list for the album on November 10, 2020. BE will include eight songs in total, including their hit single “Dynamite.” A few of the songs have English titles, including “Life Goes On,” “Blue & Grey,” “Skit” and “Stay,” while the rest are written in Korean. According to Teen Vogue, BTS’ management, Big Hit Entertainment, sent out a press release with the official English translations for the Korean titles — track 2 is “Fly To My Room,” track 5 is “Telepathy” and track 6 is “Dis-ease.”

What Has The Group Said About ‘BE?’

BTS spilled all the tea on the upcoming album to Teen Vogue back in August.

“Each member has a significant share for this upcoming album. An increase of direct participation in the album-making process allowed us to explore more aspects of our music and creativity,” they dished.

Plus, according to a press release from Big Hit Entertainment, “The new album imparts a message of healing to the world by declaring, ‘Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on.’”

They also revealed that the LP “reflects the thoughts, emotions and deepest ruminations of BTS while working on the album. This new project offers an even richer musical spectrum experience as well as the most ‘BTS-ish’ music yet.”

Will There Be Any Collaborations On ‘BE?’

Some fans are convinced that the group is going to have a song with Ariana Grande on the upcoming album. Why? Well, they have been spotted hanging with the singer a few times, and get this — Jungkook posted a video of himself singing a song that sounded extremely similar to one that Grande teased online in the past. Please let this be true!

A lot of people are also hoping that BTS’ collaboration with Khalid will make it on to BE. For those who missed it, they actually recorded a track together back in May 2019, but it never came out. Here’s to hoping it’ll be on the new album!

Who Even Is BTS?

BTS was first formed in 2013, and since then, they have totally taken the world by storm. They’ve released eight studio albums, four compilation albums and six extended plays over the years. They’ve also embarked (and sold out) on numerous world tours, released a few concert movies, won so many awards, broke tons of records and so much more! Their list of achievements seriously goes on and on.

Are There Any Other Albums We Should Be Excited About?

It turns out, thi9s isn’t the only album fans have to look forward to! Yep, Shawn Mendes announced last month that his new album, Wonder, is set to drop on December 4, 2020. 

“I think I’ve mainly evolved as a person and that’s kind of reflecting in the music,” Mendes explained to Radio.com about his upcoming tunes. “I think one thing that really kind of happen to me over the last six months is this real moment of reflecting and kind of looking at my own life, but also like being able to look at the world and not be so caught up in my career, my job, and my life, but I’m able to kind of look around see things a lot clearer for the first time.”

He added, “I feel like Wonder is in a lot of ways me just reflecting on my life, and life in general … I’ve never really done that before … probably because I didn’t have the mental capacity and clarity to even be able to reflect, and also probably because I was really scared of what people would think if I started to reflect in my music.”

Plus, Demi Lovato told USA Today recently that she was working on her music.

“I’m in the process of working on [my album]. I’m still going into the studio to write on it today. It took a different direction. Obviously my life has changed a lot. It was a story about everything that had happened, and now it’s kind of evolving into where my life is at today,” she explained. “It’s beautiful to have your story to tell and I’m excited to incorporate that into my next project. I don’t have a timeline but I’m working on it.”

Miley Cyrus revealed during an Instagram Live on March 25, 2020, that she originally was going to release her new music “this summer,” but that it was pushed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The blonde beauty also explained to Wall Street Journal, “Yeah, I kind of finished my record and I was ready to go to all these festivals, but it’s hard to feel appropriate releasing music at this time. But I made a record that’s kind of rock influenced, hence my mullet.”

Fans are also convinced that Harry Styles has been secretly hard at work on his third studio album! Yep, we may be getting some new tunes from the One Direction singer soon because he was recently spotted in Bath, England. Now, it’s still unclear what he was doing there, but some fans were quick to point out that his last LP, Fine Line, was recorded at a studio right near Bath. Coincidence? We hope not.

Wow, we have so much new music to look forward to!