Traveling On A Budget Doesn’t Have To Be Synonymous With Compromising Your Experience

The cost of your travels might decide what options are available to you when booking however, price doesn't have to

Traveling On A Budget Doesn't Have To Be Synonymous With Compromising Your Experience

The cost of your travels might decide what options are available to you when booking however, price doesn't have to alter the adventure. In actuality, any trip has the potential to be as wide as you can imagine it to be. When planning on a budget you just have to get a little bit more creative and be willing to be flexible.

Be sure to give yourself enough time in advance to plan because we've all probably learned the hard way at least once: booking last minute isn't ever cheap.

Do Your Research on Location

Price varies according to location and time of year. If you have a popular spot that you're interested in visiting, plan to go during their off-season. But, if you're flexible and just looking for a new place to adventure to, search around for one of the plenty budget friendly places out there.

In Mexico, check out San José del Cabo (in Baja California Sur), Puerto Vallarta, and Cancún. These three rank as some of the cheapest places to fly, January being of the cheaper months. Just in time to escape your winter blues.

Colombia is another very loved travel destination, known for its rich history, vibrant culture and unforgettable food. Fly into the country capital, Bogotá, for an affordable price and frolic through the Bogotá Botanical Garden for just $1.

Avoid All Things ‘Tourist’

Avoiding tourist traps can benefit you a lot while traveling. One reason being, that anything "touristsy" is more often than not overpriced. And, by lodging, dining, or shopping somewhere less commercialized you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in wherever it is that you are. Not to mention, the food will probably be better made from a local and a quarter of the price.

Befriending locals will connect you better with where you are. They will have upperhand knowledge when it comes to sharing everything to do and see in the area (most likely at an affordable price too because they won't be getting sucked into any tourist traps).

Be Conscious Of Your Packing

Packing light is one of the best way you can help yourself. And yes, we get it; it's anxiety driving to not pack triple the amount of socks and underwear, multiple outfits for your multiple moods and at least three pairs of shoes to go with each of those outfits. However, make a list of what you actually need and pack just that. Not only will your back thank you but so will your wallet when you're not paying for checked baggage at every airport.

Find The Free Attractions

A great way to make new memories without spending much money is by finding all of the free things to do in your chosen destination. More often than not you can a museum or local events happening that won't cost you anything to attend.

For example, London has plenty of cost-free options.

  • Museums: London Mithraeum, Museum of London, Victoria & Albert museum (just to name a few)
  • Art galleries: Tate Modern, National Gallery London, National Portrait Gallery
  • Wander the multiple street markets
  • Go on a picnic at a beloved park

Create Your Excursion Yourself

Unfortunately convenience comes with price. But fortunately, doing things on your own creates a story and saves you money.

If you have something that you're eager to do on your trip but the planned tour is a bit pricey, work it out yourself. If you'll need transportation check out the public transportation available. Purchase your own entry ticket (if needed where you are going), pack your own food and get yourself a map.