Caesars and Spiegelworld Collab for Three New Permanent Shows

It’s official: Caesars Entertainment and Spiegelworld have announced an exciting new deal to create three, all new, permanent shows in


It’s official: Caesars Entertainment and Spiegelworld have announced an exciting new deal to create three, all new, permanent shows in cities across the US. It was always going to be a match made in heaven between the Caesars Entertainment team and Spiegelworld’s otherworldly brilliant creativity, and together they’re launching shows that will keep guests hungry for more. CELEB was there when the deal was announced, and we can’t wait to see it all come to life. 

Spiegelworld + Caesars Entertainment Make Magic Across the US


Bold, ambitious, exciting: three words that describe what Caesars Entertainment and Spiegelworld are doing together with the announcement of a new plan. It’s a $75 million dollar deal that encompasses a new show in Las Vegas, as well as shows in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Here’s what we know about the deal:

  • The deal includes a new show in Las Vegas at Linq Hotel’s Glitterloft, which is inside the former Imperial Palace sports book.
  • The New Vegas show, DiscoShow, should open in the last quarter of 2022. It’s a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that brings audiences into the story of the birth of disco. On the creative team is Steven Hoggett, director of the wildly popular Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • A new theater and resident show will open at Caesars Atlantic City, sometime in 2023.
  • The final new show will open at Caesars New Orleans in 2024.
  • The idea came into existence during the pandemic when then brand new President and CEO at Caesars Anthony Carano met for lunch at Beijing Noodle No. 9 with Ross Mollison, Impresario Extraordinaire of Spiegelworld. The pair was already connected through the long-running hit Spiegelworld show Absinthe, which calls Caesars Palace home. 

In a statement, Mollison recalls, “We were in the middle of a crisis with all of our shows shut down, and here I was eating delicious hand-pulled noodles, talking about doubling the size of our company and creating a national footprint. It takes vision to be talking to a rambunctious circus company about expanding the entertainment offerings at your resorts around the country, while simultaneously developing gaming, sports and headliner acts, and so, I raise a glass to Caesars Entertainment’s senior leadership for their incredible energy and commitment to making Caesars the country’s greatest gaming and entertainment company.”

Mollison adds, “From Absinthe to Atomic Saloon Show to Opium and our recently opened restaurant Superfrico, we create emotion, energy and unforgettable personal memories. The three new, custom-built venues and productions will signal the future of live entertainment as imagined by Spiegelworld. What drives us is combining genre-defying live entertainment, integrated dining, outstanding beverage programs and specially commissioned art to create an intimate, immersive, surprising total night out which is unique to each city. We want to create shows with Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New Orleans that will first and foremost excite locals and be something they are proud to show off to visitors.”

When CELEB spoke to Mollison, he promised a multi-sensory experience; “We want to do an integrated food, beverage, and entertainment. We’re not announcing what that is yet, but we have all sorts of devious plans. We’re opening our first major restaurant in a week, and we really want to see how that plays. We’re developing the ideas already, but we’re learning so much week by week.” 

They aren’t announcing the titles of the shows yet, but they’re guaranteed to be amazing. Carano shared at the announcement, “It’s a little strange; you’re starting the day, it’s a Thursday at 11AM, you’re starting the day with champagne. But I can tell you, this type of day calls for champagne. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Ross and his entire team, we have had an unbelievable relationship for a decade here at Caesar’s Palace.” 

Spiegelworld’s Shows Are Out of this World


The new shows join an established line of already beloved shows, including:

  • Absinthe: This is where the relationship began, and what started out as a solid bet turned into an outrageous success. One of the most popular and eagerly sought shows in Vegas these days, Caesars Palace’s Absinthe is, “… a refreshing, irresistibly intoxicating blend of circus, burlesque and vaudeville, remixed and reimagined to delight savvy, seen-it-all modern audiences.”
  • OPIUM: This show runs at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and it’s both gloriously ridiculous and brilliantly creative. OPIUM will allow audiences to, “Blast off on a horny, hypercolor journey to the outer limits of hilarity, delivered at warp speed & with extra sauce by the spaciest, most perversely talented starship crew in the galaxy.”
  • Atomic Saloon Show: This show is basically what would happen if disco drugs met the wild west; and then danced about it. For the Atomic Saloon Show, “Saddle up for a rowdy, raunchy romp through the Wild West as it never was.”

And then, there’s Superfrico

While You’re At it…


And now, for something completely new and different, Spiegelworld offers Superfrico. Nestled in the heart of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, “Superfrico is a boundaries-breaking, anything goes immersive dive into a fine dining experience that entertains on another level. When coming to Superfrico, you’ll enter the Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Tower, walking a fine line between the dining experience and OPIUM next door. The team promises that guests will find, ‘Superfrico’s multitude of interconnected, imaginatively themed bars, lounges and dining rooms and experience the lively ‘clusterflourish’ as performers come and go from their dressing rooms to the OPIUM Theatre the only way they can: through Superfrico’s kitchen and dining rooms.’”

Let the performers wine, dine, and entertain your cares away as you dive into the wild, whacky, and utterly genius world of Spiegelworld’s Superfrico

If you’re excited about the expansion to three new shows across the country, you’re not alone. Spiegelworld has built their audience organically from the ground up by simply being the best in the business. If you go to Vegas, you simply have to visit a show. Now, you may not have to travel as far to do so. However, we recommend doing the rounds in Vegas even if you’re close enough to make a nightly event of the other shows. It’s completely worth the trip.