Cameron Diaz And Katherine Power Are Bringing Ice Cream To The [Adult] Table This Summer

Ah, summertime. Warm weather, poolside, beaches, BBQ, and everything else great under the sun. Is anyone else daydreaming about being

Cameron Diaz And Katherine Powers Are Bringing Ice Cream To The [Adult] Table This Summer

Ah, summertime. Warm weather, poolside, beaches, BBQ, and everything else great under the sun. Is anyone else daydreaming about being glued to a lounge chair at this moment?

With the excitement building of the summer months approaching it's time to start preparing for days spent in the heat whether it be alone or with our people. And, for those of you checklist fanatics, we have a new item for you to add to the list of 'refreshing things to keep in the house' this season.

Let the ice cream jingle start ringing because boy do we have a surprise for you. Your favorite summer treat just got better with a spike of rosé. Yes, you are thinking correctly. Ice cream and wine are this summer's dynamic duo thanks to McConnell's Fine Ice Cream and Avaline, the clean and vegan-friendly wine by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power.

We All Scream For Avaline!

Known for making its flavors from scratch using the finest local, sustainable and organic ingredients, McConnell's Fine Ice Cream came together with Avaline, a like-minded brand, to create a delicious snack. Avaline Rosé & Boysenberry Milk Jam, the limited edition sweet treat, is just $12 away from being everything you need while sitting poolside under the heat of the sun.

McConnell's CEO, Michael Palmer, shared “At McConnell’s we have always embraced an ethos of sustainability, transparency, and using only the finest whole ingredients in our ice creams, so we are thrilled to collaborate with Avaline, a company that embodies these same values." He continues, "Made with Avaline’s clean, natural rosé blended into a delicious preserve, our newest velvety, decadent flavor – Avaline Rosé & Boysenberry Milk Jam – is one of our best yet.”

70 years, 3-generations, and counting, McConnell's is made with just a few simple ingredients– milk, cream, eggs, and cane sugar. To build on their variety of flavors the brand adds in jams, preserves, chocolates, caramels, coffees, fruit, cookie crumbles, and more but, that's it. Nothing else. McConnell's has no stabilizers, built-in-a-chemistry lab emulsifiers, preservatives, phony flavorings, dyers, fillers, or preservatives.

Add Some Bubbly To Your Pint

If ice cream isn't your thing, don't be discouraged because you still have something for you to look forward to. This season Avaline also released their perfectly portioned cans filled with their best-selling White and Rosé wines. Diaz said, "…Just pop them in your bag and bring them anywhere, whether that's an afternoon picnic, a gathering in your friend's backyard or just hanging at home."

Diaz and Power have taken the bottle into their hands to create something natural and free from the unwanted extras. The co-founders shared, "It's wine at its purest, created with discerning drinkers (and friends) in mind, who embrace the pleasure of a whole life and relaxed approach to well-being."

From the bottle and now in cans, members of the Avaline community won't ever have to question the quality. All Avaline wines are vegan-friendly, made with organic grapes, contain less than 1g of sugar per serving and are free of unwanted extras. Don't believe us? Check the can to find ingredients and nutritional transparency. Dare I say… convenient?

"We're proud to join the fast-growing canned wine sector with the introduction of our top-selling White and Rosé wines in a convenient, new format," shared Powers. Avaline White is the #1 best-seller in the Other White Blend Category while Avaline Rosé has reached #6 in the very crowded Rosé category. Power continued, "Our cans stand out with quality, transparency, sustainability and elevated design. We feel confident they will appeal to our loyal community and new wine lovers alike."

Avaline White and Rosé can 4-packs are $28 on the brand's website and $21.99 SRP at select retailers (pricing may vary). Go on the hunt for cans near you by clicking here. And, learn more about the brand and their wonderful community at