Summer’s Here and it’s Time for Grown-ups to Go to Camp: Camp Moxy

The summer heat is here, and kids are heading off to camp. Rafting, skating, hiking, horseback riding, making crafts –

Summer's Here and it's Time for Grown-ups to Go to Camp: Camp Moxy

The summer heat is here, and kids are heading off to camp. Rafting, skating, hiking, horseback riding, making crafts – it's all part of that perfect kid summer adventure package.

But what if there was a camp that catered to grown-ups? After all, we work hard all year – don't we deserve it? Camp Moxy from Moxy Hotels has arrived just in time to make your summer something special – and here's why you won't want to miss out.

Camp Moxy is Here

Guests at Moxy Hotels can enjoy a throwback experience that recalls all their childhood summer favorites – with a grown-up twist.

From coast to coast, Moxy Hotels are opening Camp Moxy which offers guests a box of their favorite nostalgic sips and snacks, including favorites like Nerds, Dunkaroos, Cheese Balls, Pop Rocks, Pringles and more – all in a cheeky "Snacuterie" kit.

The signature Camp Moxy cocktails include:

  • The Dirty Shirley: A grown-up take on the classic childhood favorite. The Dirty Shirley adds Wheatly vodka to the traditional mix of lemon-lime soda and grenadine, and of course there's a cherry on top.
  • The "Dirtier" Shirley: A lively cocktail that substitutes Casamigos Blanco tequila for vodka. The cocktail also introduces mint for a refreshing snap.
  • Twisted Shirley: The Shirley's tropical cousin. Made with Appleton Signature Rum and aperol topped with a peach ring for a mouth-watering that is sure to quench any thirst.

Brian Jaymont, Global Brand Leader, Moxy Hotels shared in a statement, "With an unabashed approach to giving guests everything they want and nothing they don't, our 'Camp Moxy' menu appeals to the young at heart who crave a blast from the past that is as tasty as it is fun. Nostalgia has the power to take us back to a time with memories grounded in the senses, and with this new offering, we offer a cheeky nudge to find the joy in life's simple pleasures."

Locations that will offer Camp Moxy include:

  • Moxy NYC East Village, Moxy NYC Chelsea, and Moxy NYC Times Square.
  • Moxy hotels that will offer both the "Camp Moxy" cocktails and "Snacuterie" box include Moxy NYC Downtown, Moxy Chicago Downtown, Moxy Austin – University, which will also offer its own throwback programming with its "Pink Screen Summer Movie Series'' featuring '90s classic movies.
  • Moxy Seattle Downtown, offering "Throwback Mixtape Thursdays."

Sip, Shine and Pride

Of course it's Pride Month, and one of the best places to celebrate Pride is New York City.

So Moxy Times Square should be top on your list while making your end of June travel plans, and here are two specials to make it doubly worth your while:

  • Moxy Sip & Shine: Now through September, guests who book with this special can enjoy up to 15% off the best available rate, 2 welcome cans of Juneshine hard Kombucha – or a Juneshine hat, for the dry – and a 30 day Jetsweat membership.
  • Moxy's Got Pride!: Guests can start their trip with a tour of Pride NYC, 2 Moxy's Got Pride bandanas, 2 cans of Stonewall Inn + Brooklyn Brewery IPA and 8 Tattly Temporary Tattoos in a rainbow set.

Plus – the best part – you can enjoy Camp Moxy while you're there.

For more information on heading to Camp Moxy or to plan and book your stay, visit the website.