Candace Owens Blackout Review: Book Evokes Deep Thoughts And Questions

Candace Owens is inarguably one of the most controversial figures in conservative politics- and she recently released her first book, 

Candace Owens

Candace Owens is inarguably one of the most controversial figures in conservative politics- and she recently released her first book,  Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape From The Democrat Plantation. For starters, when Owens formed the Blexit movement- calling for Black Americans to exit the Democratic Party- she took a lot of heat. For what seems like an eternity- largely since the ’60s, in actuality- the Black community has voted in large proportions (over 90%) for Democratic candidates. With Owens calling for an exit from the party that many in the Black community have held steadfast to, she was criticized, with her being called “misguided.”

George Floyd

Then, this year, when Owens posted a video on social media about the murder of George Floyd that has led to a huge uprising in the Black Lives Matter Movement, a ton of hate was swung in her direction. This was due to the fact that, rather than co-sign the narrative that Floyd was a martyr in the Black community, Owens reviewed his rap sheet which featured other arrests, including one in which Floyd held up a pregnant woman by gun-point while others robbed her home. While Owens asserted in her video the manner in which Floyd was murdered was wrong, she called to task why Floyd was being painted as a hero and martyr when that was not the life he led. 

“For whatever reason, it has become fashionable over the last five or six years for us to turn criminals into heroes overnight” Owens stated in her video at the time. “It is something I find despicable. George Floyd was not an amazing person. George Floyd is being upheld as an amazing human being… everyone is pretending this man lived a heroic lifestyle. We are embarrassing in that regard. Nobody wants to tell the truth in black America. Our biggest problem is us.”

In her video, Owens also criticized the protests that were taking place, noting that “upstanding black citizens” were dying due to the riots.

While Owens did get supporters thanking her for speaking out in such a raw, honest manner, her critics took to name-calling, referring to her as a “white supremacist,” commenters claiming she abandoned her race, some calling her an “Uncle Tom,” and more. 

When this video aired, I was interested to learn more about Owens. Regardless of whether you thought she was wrong or right in what she said in the video regarding Floyd, a few things were clear from a screening of it: Owens was a woman who held to her convictions even when knowing they’d be met with adverse criticism, Owens was exceptionally well-spoken and intellectual, ensuring to back up claims with hard data, and Owens was unafraid to push back against thoughts people would assume she should have simply based on the color of her skin. 

Candace Owens speaking


When the opportunity presented itself to review Owens’s new book, I was immediately intrigued to see what Owens would have to say. Through her book- which, it should be noted, I may not personally agree with every single point on- Owens presents a very compelling argument on a wide array of topics pertaining to why she feels that Black Americans need to “blackout” from the Democratic party, going as far to note in the introduction entitled What Do You Have to Lose? that she believes “the Democrat Party’s policies have led to the erosion of the black community by fostering a persistent victim mentality.”

The book is split into the following 11 chapters, in which Owens discusses her thoughts on each topic: 

  • On Conservatism 
  • On Family
  • On Feminism
  • On Overcivilization
  • On Socialism and Government Handouts
  • On Education
  • On Media
  • On Excuses
  • On Faith
  • On Culture 
  • On Slavery

While Owens has points and fact-based arguments to make in each of the sections, one of the reoccurring things Owens points to in the book as one of the biggest detriments to the Black community being Lyndon Baines Johnson‘s Great Society and its creation of new welfare programs. While The Great Society was billed as having a goal of eliminating poverty and racial injustice, Owens argues in Blackout that the program has actually harmed the Black community, only accomplishing what Owens references as Johnson’s goal of continuing to have Blacks vote for the Democratic Party “for 200 years.”

Candace Owens

Throughout the book, Owens also presents a variety of other points that are worth noting, including:

  • Discussing that the biggest issue in the black community is a lot of households not having a father present in the household, something Owens even points to former President Barack Obama addressing in his 2008 Father’s Day Speech.
  • Discussing the negative impact of affirmative action, discussing how this leads to enrolling students in universities they don’t academically belong in and specifically stating that “when you mismatch students based on the color of their skin, they do not perform well.”
  • Questioning “What if the black community as a whole made the decision to let go of every excuse that we perceive to be holding us back? What if we taught ourselves to see only opportunity, rather than oppression? What would happen if we harnessed the power with us, to work harder and do better?”
  • Discussing Black Lives Matter and how 94% of black homicides are actually black people killing black people, not white people killing black people but that “since it doesn’t fit the preferred racial narrative, all of these much-more common deaths are ignored.”
  • Explaining how, in her opinion, reparations for slavery don’t make sense, as you are taking money from people who did not enslave others to give it to people who were not slaves. 
  • Discussing her concept of the “Democratic Plantation,” explaining how she feels Democrats continue to manipulate the Black community to vote for them. 
  • Explaining why she feels Trump is the President to finally accomplish change for the Black community. 
  • Discussing Joe Biden‘s controversial comment that “if you’re having a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you just ain’t black.” 

And more. 

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you lie on, I recommend reading Owens’s book. Not only was it informative, but it did what any controversial book should- it evoked deep thought and questions amidst what can be deemed as a very delicate topic. 

To purchase Owens’s book, Blackout: How Black American Can Make Its Second Escape From The Democratic Plantation, make sure to head here.


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