Ride into the Sunset and Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Canyon Madness Ranch

When planning a vacation to a ranch, the first thing that comes to mind is probably wide open plains, cowboys,

Canyon Madness Ranch New Mexico

When planning a vacation to a ranch, the first thing that comes to mind is probably wide open plains, cowboys, campfires, and an endless horizon. While places like that are these days few and far between, they do exist. And the newest, Canyon Madness Ranch, just celebrated its grand opening – welcoming guests to its sprawling ranch resort for the trip of a lifetime. From equestrian delights to something for every hiker, climber, and outdoor enthusiast, Canyon Madness Ranch is the perfect place to socially distance your way through a dream vacation.

Canyon Madness Ranch’s Unique Location

Canyon Madness Ranch New Mexico

Canyon Madness Ranch is located just outside of the tiny town of Roy, New Mexico. When we say tiny, we do mean it; Roy’s resident population is in the 200s. Not thousands, hundreds. Just a two hour drive from Santa Fe and five hours from Denver, Canyon Madness Ranch manages to be both located far from the bustle and close enough to be convenient.

The 14,000-acre ranch sprawls across some of the most beautiful land in the state. New Mexico has a rich and colorful history. From being a paleontology hotspot for experts studying popular dinosaurs like allosaurs and stegosaurs, to more recent historical pursuits like the Petroglyph National Monument and the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, New Mexico spans eons of interest.

New Mexico figured prominently in the Spanish-American war of 1898. The First United States Volunteer Cavalry, known famously as the “Rough Riders” came out of New Mexico, and citizens of the state were responsible for a number of defining battle victories.

The state is also home to 23 indigenous tribes; including nineteen Pueblos, three Apache tribes, and the Navajo Nation. The rich culture of the tribes offers New Mexico the kind of vibe you can’t find anywhere else in the country, and visitors often remark that the land feels almost mystical and sacred, which it is to many.

The land itself is a wonder; from jutting buttes and mountains to rolling plains, the New Mexico landscape is unusual to eyes used to green foliage, but has a rough and raw beauty unparalleled. Visitors to the state can expect to see the awe-inspiring ancient cave dwellings, a number of natural hot springs, waterfalls, white sand plains, and stunning mountains.

If any of this sounds like a place you’d like to see – and who wouldn’t? – Canyon Madness Ranch has exactly the low-key but opportunity-filled vacation you’re looking for.

Everything You Can Do at Canyon Madness Ranch

The ranch itself is huge, over 14,000 acres. The website describes it; “a truly luxurious outdoor playground that is spectacularly beautiful and tranquil. Far from the turmoil of modern living in city-life, this lifestyle at Nature’s best combined with some of the most adventuresome sporting activities will be truly a once in a lifetime experience.”

Expert climbers and beginners alike will find a variety of places to hone their skills. From traditional cliff climbs to bouldering, there’s something for every skill level. Hikers can explore the ranch on foot as well, with a variety of trails of varying length.

And equestrians are in luck; the ranch is a riding haven. A press release for the ranch shares, “Guests can set out on trail rides of unparalleled beauty around canyon edges, sunrise, or sunset rides to the gorgeous canyon river, or add excursions to old nineteenth century Indian and homestead sites. The ranch also boasts a large, covered arena for focused training and lessons in disciplines like English cross-country trails and jumping or Western style reining, cutting, cow herding or barrel-racing for beginners through expert-level riders. Canyon Madness Ranch offers guests much more than the common “nose-to-tail” teams of trail riding horses; the ranch houses more than thirty high-quality and well-trained horses, including quarter-horses, paints, Gypsy Vänners and Gypsy Crosses in order to give guests a range of riding experiences.

Canyon Madness Ranch has recently expanded their equestrian adventures by adding a horse-breeding program for Gypsy Vänners and Gypsy Cross horses. These horses are notable for their magnificent appearance as well as their ‘cold-blooded’ nature that makes them ideal for riding by less experienced horse-riding guests. Trails have also been created to allow qualified guests to canter or lope horses amidst the most breathtaking canyon scenery imaginable. Additionally, the ranch has also acquired two magnificent draft horses with driving experience and awaits the delivery of two carriages. The ranch will offer horse-driven carriage rides to guests for recreation or photographic opportunities.”

Outdoor sportsmen looking for something that packs a little more punch are also in luck; Canyon Madness Ranch has a sport shooting program and facilities for every level of experience and every purpose.

But when you’re done with a long day out on the range and looking to relax, what kind of grub can you expect? Nothing but the best. With a focus on farm-to-table bounty, the middle of nowhere has never tasted so fine. The chefs focus on healthy, organic, farm-raised, and more exotic meats including buffalo and ostrich, spices, and tastes. Ostrich eggs will also be on the menu, a unique delicacy for those whose hunger can’t be satisfied by a mere chicken egg.

Details on How to Book a Stay

Canyon Madness Ranch New Mexico

The all-inclusive resort-style ranch is a delight for every type of outdoor lover. From riding off into the sunset to shooting clay pigeons, exploring box canyons, rivers and looking across a New Mexico vista, you’ll enjoy every moment of your stay.

Rates are $500USD a night per person (a grand opening special – rates are usually $700 per person/night), for any number of nights. Children of all ages are welcome for exclusive stays (children over 12 are welcome for non-exclusive stays), and the ranch can accommodate 16 guests at once.

It’s impossible to look at the jaw-dropping natural beauty around Canyon Madness Ranch and not feel a tug of longing. If you’re ready for your cowboy or girl dreams to come true, act fast; now that the ranch is open, people are really paying attention. Head over to Canyon Madness Ranch to plan and book your stay. Saddle up and enjoy the ride!