Captain Sandy Reveals NEW Project Amidst Below Deck Drama

It’s been a crazy year for Below Deck: Mediterrannean’s Captain Sandy Yawn. After taking decision action against a crew member

Captain Sandy

It’s been a crazy year for Below Deck: Mediterrannean’s Captain Sandy Yawn. After taking decision action against a crew member for an unreported prescription drug, Yawn came under fire for discriminating against those with mental illness. Despite the drama, Yawn has plans for something new; a restaurant. 

So where will Yawn be opening this restaurant?

Florida fans of Yawn can rejoice; she’s making plans to open in Jacksonville, Florida. Maritime 618 will open at 618 W. Adams St., Downtown in LaVilla. According to the website, “The restaurant will be named ‘Maritime 618’ and will boast a nautical theme, for obvious reasons. It will feature exclusive yacht style cuisine and presentations of intercontinental seafood and cultural fares.

This unique approach offers a diversified dining experience, prepared by internationally known guest chefs, fusing delicious flavorings with innovative techniques and flair. The restaurant will also offer an expanded teaching kitchen designed by noted restaurateur Beverly Grant, and will be utilized to certify qualified culinary students interested in entering the maritime industry.”

Captain Sandy

The building purchased for the restaurant is a 7,600 former fire station built in 1914. 

What drama has Yawn been involved in?

Recently Yawn was embroiled in drama after firing a crew member for having an unreported prescription drug on board. According to maritime law, all prescriptions on vessels traveling in international waters must declare all medications on board to avoid running afoul of trafficking laws. Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was fired once Bosun Malia White, “accidentally,” discovered Ferrier’s unreported Valium prescription. After White reported the prescription to Yawn, Ferrier was fired. 

Captain Sandy

Fans online decried the decision, claiming rightfully that those who battle mental illnesses are often discriminated against and that stigma may have led Ferrier to conceal the legally-obtained prescription. White has had to field drug abuse accusations of her own. 

Yawn has no regrets from firing Ferrier, and when asked if she would work with her again, Yawn was clear, “According to her interview with E!, She would not. “‘I prefer to work with people I can trust and that’s really it, to be honest,’ she remarked.

Captain Sandy

‘I like mentoring people, so people who are interested in learning from me…I like people who are serious about their careers,’ the captain concluded. ‘Honestly, I’m there because I love what I do and I want people to work for me that love being in the Maritime industry and if they don’t, no love lost.’”

Love her or hate her, Yawn’s restaurant is going to be pretty cool

From blueprints shared on the website, the restaurant looks pretty amazing. No matter where fans fall on the Yawn and Ferrier drama, Maritime 618 is sure to draw a lot of interest. With an impressive team and concept, we can’t wait to see the restaurant open in November 2021. Yawn told News4Jax, “I hope to continue to invest in Jacksonville and brand it a future destination for super yachts and all recreational vessels. The pride and potential in this vibrant city is infectious.”

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