Cardi B Floats Interesting Idea for a Big Career Change

Cardi B is easily one of the most influential female rappers and songwriters of the modern era. Love or hate

Cardi B career change

Cardi B is easily one of the most influential female rappers and songwriters of the modern era.

Love or hate her, Cardi B’s indomitable style, unique sound and flair for musical masterpieces have made her a household name for music connoisseurs.

Big the star went on Twitter yesterday and pondered a career change – one that would put some of her other immense talents to good use.


Cardi B thinks About a New Career?

Cardi B (real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus) is a 30-year-old New York native with a number of Billboard-chart-topping songs and albums, and the kind of unique style that makes her instantly recognizable.

Which may be why she floated on Twitter the idea that she should be a celebrity stylist.

Cephus wrote on Twitter late Wednesday, “I really want to style other celebs.”

And her fans were 100% on board.

Multiple users offered to let Cephus style them, others saying that whatever she touches turns to gold, so she should go for it.

Some celebs chimed in with curiosity, but the comments were overwhelmingly positive.

Lexy Panterra asked, “Do u usually style yourself?”

Of course, Cephus’s style is a combination of her own creativity and a professional stylist, but she could really make it work with the right team.

“Cardi B: Celebrity Styles?” It sounds like a reality show that we would definitely tune in to watch.

Of course, it seemed like it was mostly just an offhand comment from someone thinking out loud, but fans can dream anyway.

Cardi and Offset Look Adorable at the Grammy’s Despite Rumors of Martial Turbulence

Last Summer, Cardi found herself in a position to have to have to defend her marriage with Offset after divorce rumors began plaguing the pair.

CELEB reported on Cardi’s clapback after people speculated that a big split was coming.

Cardi B posted [last August], ‘How do people really feel when their parents get divorce?’

The question came amid a flurry of rumors online that Cardi’s husband Offset had cheated on her with fellow rapper Saweetie.

People responded with a mix of positive experiences and negative ones, but Cardi kept her lips sealed as to why the question was being asked which led many to assume that it was about her relationship with Offset.

However, now the rapper herself has posted about the question and explained her thought process – although whether people buy it or not depends on who you ask.

Cardi posted a video over the weekend with the image obscured, explaining, ‘K guys so the reason why I asked about the divorce question to be honest with you is because I have a cousin, we’re both the same age and everything. And our parents separated around the same time. So when my parents got separated when I was thirteen, and when her parents separated when she was thirteen, she was really hurt about it, and she was really sad about it and depressed about it.’ But, Cardi adds, ‘When my parents got separated, I wasn’t really sad about it because I just felt like I had more freedom.’

According to the video, Cardi was just discussing divorce with her cousin – completely unrelated to alleged marital woes – and wanted to get input on the topic.”

And it would seem that things stayed strong between Cardi and Offset, who married in 2017, because they looked fierce and fabulous together over the weekend at the Grammy’s.