Cardi B and Offset Share First Pics of Son Wave Set Cephus and Yes – He’s Adorable

Cardi B and Offset welcomed their second child together back in September 2021 – but they've kept both his face

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Cardi B and Offset welcomed their second child together back in September 2021 – but they've kept both his face and his name a secret. In a world of celebrity news where every moment is public and nothing is private, it's a joy to keep certain moments and milestones between the two of you.

Cardi and Offset managed exactly that – keeping their son's face and name private until now. Now we know both his name and what he looks like – and it was completely worth the wait to see that sweet smile.

Wave Set Cephus is Too Cute for Words

It's been a long wait – over 7 months – but fans of Cardi B and Offset can finally see what their precious second bundle of joy looks like. For Cardi – real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar – and Offset – real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus – it's a triumphant end to a successfully private babymoon.

His name has been revealed as Wave Set Cephus – taking his father's last name.

For the big reveal, Card and Offset got the family together for an Essence photoshoot. Included was the couple's oldest child – Kulture, 3 – and Offset's 3 children from other relationships; 11-year-old son Jordan, 6-year-old son Kody and 6-year-old daughter Kalea.

The family looked happy – and fashionable – in a gray, black and cream palette. Solo shots of little Wave Set show him wearing an adorable diamond-studded pendant on Cuban chains, a blue puffy jacket with a fur-lined hood, diamond stud earrings – and precious cheeks for days.

It's clear that this little boy joins a loving family, and fans are ecstatic that the wait is over, and they have a new family member to adore.

Cardi B and Offset: A Relationship Timeline

Cardi B and Offset

It hasn't been smooth sailing for the couple to get from the start of their relationship to familial bliss. Here's a look back at their turbulent relationship – which has now settled into the peaceful waters of parenthood.


  • The pair is first introduced at an industry event in 2016.


  • In early 2017, they released a single together called "Lick."
  • February 2017: At an absolutely iconic first date venue, the pair steps out together for the first time at the Super Bowl in Houston.
  • June 2017: Cardi refuses to confirm their relationship but teases fans with mentions of "the boy."
  • August 2017: Cardi begins dropping public hints that she's ready to be engaged – no pressure, Offset.
  • September 2017: The two marry in secret in their apartment in Atlanta, GA, exchanging vows in front of Cardi's cousin. Like baby Wave Set, the couple heroically managed to keep this secret against the odds – until June of the following year.
  • October 2017: Offset publicly proposed on stage in Philidelphia (despite the fact that they were married already in secret) and the 20-carat ring reportedly cost around $500K.


  • January 2018: Rumors begin flying that Offset cheated on Cardi. But to prove his devotion, the rapper tattooed her name on his neck.
  • April 2018: Cardi first confirms that she's pregnant with Kulture.
  • June 2018: The world discovers that the pair has been married for nearly a year already – that's one air-tight inner circle.
  • July 2018: Kulture Kiari Cephus is born.
  • September 2018: They celebrate their first wedding anniversary together.
  • December 2018: The couple splits at the beginning of the month, but begin missing each other. By the end of December (and the end of 2018), Offset has apologized and they have gotten back together. Offset famously interrupted her on-stage set at Rolling Loud to beg for her back. It must have impressed her because they were photographed vacationing together shortly after.


  • In early 2019, the couple officially shares that they're back together.
  • July 2019: Cardi returns Offset's gesture and tattoos his name on her body.


  • September 2020: As they inched towards celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary, Cardi filed for divorce saying the marriage was "irrevocably broken."
  • October 2020: The pair was seen kissing at Cardi's birthday celebration in Las Vegas.
  • November 2020: "Never mind" Cardi calls off the divorce.


  • In Early 2021, Cardi revealed that she was pregnant with the couple's second child – Wave Set, welcomed September 4, 2021.


  • Here we are – fans finally getting a look at the sweet newest family member and seeing the couple celebrating the fact that they've overcome so much to get here.

With such a history of turbulence, it's unclear what the next few years will look like for Cardi and Offset. But they have a beautiful family together, and a lot of reasons to make it work.