Fans who watched Tiger King this year instantly became obsessed with all of the real-life characters the show made household names including Joe Exotic, Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, Jeff Lowe, and, of course, Carole Baskin.

Although there were many scandals addressed in the docu-series, one of the ones that have kept fans talking for quite some time is a rumor that Baskin had something to do with the disappearance of her ex-husband, Don Lewis. 

While Baskin has explained that Lewis went missing, telling her he was going to Costa Rica only to have his car found at the airport, some have alleged that Baskin had something to do with his disappearance. Taking it a step further, some have alleged that Baskin murdered her ex-husband, feeding him to the Tigers at her famous Big Cat Rescue  Sanctuary. The allegations regarding Baskin having anything to do with Lewis’s disappearance- and allegations she “fed him to the cats” or “put him through a meat grinder”- are things that Baskin has vehemently denied.

This week, a new report came out on CBS’s 48 Hours Suspicion in which Baskin’s former handyman’s ex-wife spoke out and provided some new allegations regarding the disappearance of Lewis. After reading her allegations, CELEB spoke exclusively to Baskin to get her response. 

The New Allegations Against Carole Baskin

In an appearance on 48 Hours Suspicion– in an episode entitled “The Tiger King Mystery” which is set to air this coming Wednesday at 10 PM EST- a woman named Trish Farr-Payne has spoken out regarding Lewis’s disappearance. Farr-Payne was married to a man named Kenny Farr, who was a former handyman for Baskin and Lewis. 

Farr-Payne had many details to share, including the following that Wink News shared:

  • Two days prior to Lewis going missing, Farr-Payne alleges Farr told her “Don’s gone and I don’t want you talking about him.”
  • Farr-Payne alleges a “large, padlocked freezer” had been on her front porch and then suddenly disappeared “about a week after Don disappeared.”
  • Farr-Payne also claims that she waited “years” to talk to the police due to her being “afraid for my kids. You know, I had my kids. I was afraid for them. I was more afraid for them than anything.”

Carole Baskin and husband Don Lewis
According to a Fox News report, Farr-Payne had gone to the police back in 2000 to inform them of what she knew. Fox News references an article from the Tampa Bay Times, which contains the following details: 

  • Farr-Payne claims that Farr remained home from work the weekend Lewis disappeared, even though it was common for him to be at Baskin and Lewis’s sanctuary.
  • Farr-Payne notes that Farr returned home on Sunday evening of the weekend Lewis went missing in Lewis’s van. She notes that the van had “pistols and rifles” in it.
  • Farr-Payne claims that Farr told her that if she ever was to leave him she would “go in the grinder like I did Don.”

Carole Responds 

As aforementioned, Baskin has always held steadfast to her claim that she had nothing to do with Lewis’s disappearance. CELEB reached out to her exclusively to get her response to the new allegations that Farr-Payne is making against her. 

“I’ve caught Trish Farr in enough lies about her ever visiting Big Cat Rescue,” Baskin began with sharing with CELEB.

Carole Baskin

“And,” Baskin added, “her description of the meat grinder to cause me to believe she’s just seeking attention post-Tiger King and is using her 15 minutes to disparage her ex.”

In her response to CELEB, Baskin signed it “For the cats, Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue.”

“P.S.,” Baskin added in her quote to CELEB, “Remember to choose and Big Cat Rescue as your charity so that Amazon will donate .5 percent of your shopping dollars to the cats AT NO COST TO YOU!!!”

More Exciting News For Baskin

For those who want to see more of Baskin on their screens, some exciting news was reveled last week. Specifically, Baskin will be starring on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

Carole Baskin

According to an exclusive TMZ report, Baskin is preparing for her stint on the show by doing the following: 

  • Staying on a Vegan diet and only eating two meals a day 
  • Riding her bike 10 miles a day, every day of the week
  • Doing “squats, lunges, and leaps” 
  • Using YouTube to learn some dances including the cha-cha, salsa, and the Venezuelan Waltz. 
  • Getting help from one of her Big Cat Rescue members who teaches dance. 
  • Signing up for a “music-based training” app that will help her “get used to being on tempo.” 

TMZ also notes that Baskin has moved to Los Angeles for her stint on Dancing With The Stars, while her husband Howard (and her daughter, Jamie) have stayed in Florida to take care of Big Cat Rescue.

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  • Gail, September 7, 2020 @ 1:20 pm Reply

    Just to let you know that according to Carole Baskin everyone is a liar except her.
    She has slandered so many people since Tiger King trying to take the heat off from herself. However as she describes a group of people who she calls Arm Chair Detectives who have unearthed so many forged documents and so many false narratives that Carole Baskin has been involved in.
    Not only has she slandered Mr Jack Don Lewis’s family but Anne McQueen. She has also accused Anne and Wendall Williams of actually killing Don. She accused his ex wife Gladys of tring to kill him several time. She has also implied that an ex lover of hers Jim Jones who went AWOL ( She did a video on a man who had the same name who was in the army and who killed a man and escaped from prison ) basically accusing him also of murdering Don. There are quite a lot of people whom she has accused of either killing or could have been involved in his killing.
    These so called Arm chair detectives as she calls them have so much evidence on her. It is not just hear say it is an actual paper trail. Carole will lie about every thing. About everyone. If anyone says anything against her she accuses them of lying.
    Carole Basking being on this program is shameful when all this is going on. Glorifying her this way is also shameful. A man is dead, not missing and she has something to do with it..
    Please look into her and the group of Arm chair detectives . Video’s she has deleted from her YouTube channel have been saved. These video’s are one’s she has remade changing the narrative of her story to suit herself. She also hides lots of comments on her channel if she doesn’t like what they say.

  • Trish Farr-Payne, September 7, 2020 @ 5:54 pm Reply

    If i had wanted anything from kenny i would have taken half the property carole had provided to him starting one month after Don disappeared, she handed over more than 10 properties to Kenny and a new Roll Back wrecker, I have Told the Truth while carole lies lies lies and anyone watching DWTS should be ashamed of themselves for supporting a person who husband is missing but instead of looking for him steals the Will ,POA and her and The Handyman take the whole office trailer so his children cant touch anything alsoTurns off his phone and beeper the next week …..among the other 5000 lies she has told….since she says i never came to Easy Street what was i driving ….i remember does she since she has a great memory.
    Does she remember i had witnesses with me?
    Be carful who you slander carole you may end up with another lawsuit.

  • Jessica Denton, September 8, 2020 @ 10:02 am Reply

    I have followed this since it began and this woman is unbelievable!! It makes my blood boil that she’s going to be on that show!! To the people at dwts…i hate to give you guys anymore recognition but y’all should be ashamed of yourselves!! Anything for a dollar huh?! Disgusting!! GREAT article btw

  • Lesa Kissoon, September 8, 2020 @ 5:59 pm Reply

    The Don Lewis Cold Case Files team has uncovered more evidence in four months that what the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office has found in 23 years! Tune in to Ripper Jack Media on You tube and you will see, or check the Don Lewis Cold Case Files group on facebook

  • JezMyOpinion, September 9, 2020 @ 8:17 pm Reply

    Well Carole, if you really want people to even consider believing you, after over 20 years why don’t you FINALLY take that polygraph?

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