Carrie Fisher Returning to the Big Screen Seven Years After Her Death

It’s been a long and perilous journey for the film, but Carrie Fisher’s final movie is finally headed to the

Carrie Fisher
Front pages and headlines of the New York tabloid newspapers on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 report on the previous days' death of Carrie Fisher after suffering a heart attack during a flight on Friday. (© Richard B. Levine)

It’s been a long and perilous journey for the film, but Carrie Fisher’s final movie is finally headed to the big screen – more than seven years after the beloved actress died in 2016.

Deadline reported today that Fisher’s final movie, “Wonderwall,” is finally going to be making it to the big screen.

“Wonderwall” stars Fisher, Rita Ora, Nell Tiger Free, Sebastian Croft and Kiera Milward. Ora said of working with the legendary Fisher, “Working alongside Carrie Fisher was one of those experiences that you never forget. I can’t wait for the world to see this intriguing and magical world of Wonderwell.”

Fisher died just six weeks after they wrapped up filming the movie in 2016, and it was unclear what future it would face.

The fantasy movie is produced by Francis Ford Coppola collaborator Fred Roos, and features the directorial debut of Vlad Marsavin.

The movie is expected to hit AMC theaters starting in the U.S. from June 23, 2023. After that, it will receive a digital release – details TBD.

Deadline reports, “‘The journey we have taken as filmmakers with this movie, has been as perilous as that of the movie itself,’ explained director Marsavin about the delayed release. ‘From filming to screen it has taken us seven years. The visual effects on a movie of this magnitude takes time, but we were challenged with Covid lockdowns and of course the passing of our wonderful Carrie Fisher. Now is the perfect time to share her magical on screen moments as Hazel.’

According to Marsavin, the film got bogged down in visual effects challenges after shoot, which in turn grew the budget and accounted for the delay.

The filmmaker told us this week that the movie will include a dedication to Fisher, whose death in December 2016 came as a ‘huge shock’ to him and the team. The actress passed away four days after experiencing a medical emergency during a flight from London to LA.”

Marsavin told Deadline, “Carrie was full of energy during filming and even celebrated her 60th birthday with us in Italy where we shot the movie. After a night shoot, which went on until 2am, she invited the whole team to celebrate with her and the party ended up being shut down by the police because it was deemed a little too loud. Her passing was very emotional for the whole team.”

The outlet reports the film’s summary; “Set between contemporary Italy and a fantastical realm, the coming-of-age story follows Violet (Milward), an inquisitive girl living in Italy with her American parents and her beautiful older sister, Savannah (Tiger Free). When Savannah is selected to be the face of world-renowned designer Yana’s (Ora) fashion label, the family travels to an enchanting medieval village for a photo shoot. Neglected and bored, Violet wanders from the ancient Tuscan town into a nearby forest where she meets the enigmatic Hazel (Fisher), who warns her about Yana’s beleaguered stepson, Daniele (Croft). Guided by Hazel to a mysterious portal, Violet is offered a glimpse of what her future might hold.”

Fisher’s death left behind a huge hole in the world of sci-fi and fantasy, and fans surely won’t miss a chance to see their favorite one last time.