Exclusive: Casey Anthony ‘Starting Own Business and Practicing Social Distancing,’ Says Former Attorney

Casey Anthony once frolicked freely pre-coronavirus like the rest of us, was photographed at some Palm Beach, Fla. bars a

Exclusive: Casey Anthony ‘Starting Own Business and Practicing Social Distancing

Casey Anthony once frolicked freely pre-coronavirus like the rest of us, was photographed at some Palm Beach, Fla. bars a couple of years ago, but has not yet been spotted since the pandemic began. Anthony’s former defense attorney J. Cheney Mason shared an exclusive update with CELEB on the notorious “tot mom,” whom he last visited with just a couple of weeks ago.

Anthony, now 34, was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony back in 2008 in Orlando, Fla. The little girl had allegedly disappeared, and six months later her remains had been found in the woods less than a half mile from the Anthony home.

The Trial That Shook the Nation

Casey Anthony, the most loathed mother in the country, served three years in jail while awaiting trial, was acquitted and released in 2011, despite the fact that she had waited 31 days to tell her family that the toddler had gone missing, had been partying shortly after, and was subsequently caught in a string of other bizarre lies throughout the trial.

The jury found Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse following one of the most-watched murder trials since O.J. Simpson. The jury simply did not have enough evidence to determine without a doubt that she had done it.

“I’ve been a lawyer for 50 years, that’s half a century. And I swear they’re going to put on my tombstone that I worked on the damn Casey Anthony case!” Mason, co-counsel to Anthony’s lead defense attorney Jose Baez, told CELEB, referencing the explosive attention that the case has received.

“I’ve been a bit snobbier about who I rep or not, I mainly do complex divorce cases,” the lawyer added. At least he can be a bit choosier these days.

Mason’s life has finally calmed down after the nonstop media circus of the harrowing case that engulfed Orlando, the state of Florida, the country, not to mention the entire world.

“I am not receiving threats and cowardly calls and so forth anymore, that’s not to say that there’s not some idiot out there that wants to,” Mason shared. “There will be people whose minds will never be changed about anything but they’re leaving me alone. I’ve gone on with my life, as has everybody involved in the case.”

Anthony Is Staying Safe

One thing that pisses Mason off more than threats from idiots? People who don’t wear masks.

“I’m sitting back watching the stupid world with this stupid president and people who follow his ass,” the lawyer unloaded. “I’m taking the coronavirus and its impact very seriously. I’m appalled by people who won’t wear masks. There are two pandemics, one is coronavirus. One is stupidity!”

Luckily the former party girl has been responsible, so the two can remain somewhat close.

“I talk to Casey with some frequency and I have seen her, she’s doing well, she’s healthy and she’s just trying to move on with her life the best way that she can. As a matter of fact, I just saw her ten days ago,” the attorney confided. “I know that she is wearing a mask and practices social distancing and doing what mature people should do. Even though she’s very young and in the ‘dumb’ category age-wise, but she’s doing okay.”

Casey Finds Her Calling

Anthony was rumored to be staying in Palm Beach, Fla. at the home of Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator who helped her win her case, the same high-profile investigator that helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted.

“She still lives in Palm Beach. She’s working and doing research and investigations, helping Mr. McKenna and she’s in the process of trying to start her own business,” Mason revealed to CELEB. “She’s doing computer research and stuff like that, investigating, she’s very good at it.” (he laughed when asked if she was hiring).

Mason also went on to say that the film project Anthony was supposedly working on and had told the Daily Mail about is not happening. “I think that was all BS.”

Finally, Mason confirms that the budding entrepreneur is still not talking to George and Cindy Anthony. “As far as I know, she does not have contact with her parents.”

The jovial attorney then quipped, “This is usually a $10,000 interview, when do you send me a check?”

A Strained Relationship Between George Anthony And His Daughter

George Anthony had pleaded with his daughter to come home, saying he was ready to make amends on his “The Dr. Oz Show” appearance last October, and the grandfather to the late Caylee revealed that Casey did reach out following his near-fatal car crash early last year.

The Anthonys still believe that their daughter is guilty, which is why Casey had apparently cut off all ties.

Each parent had testified that they had smelled a rotting odor coming from the trunk of their daughter’s car. In fact, during Cindy Anthony’s 9-1-1 call to report her granddaughter missing, she had told the operator, “There’s something wrong, I found my daughter’s car today, and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.”

George Anthony, a former police officer, admitted to Dr. Oz that he had tried to take his own life, that he just wanted to be with his granddaughter. “She was my world.”

Part of the defense team’s strategy was suggesting that George Anthony was abusive, had molested his daughter, and perhaps even aided Anthony with hiding the body after an unfortunate accident with the child, but obviously nothing was ever proven. However, it raised enough doubt that Casey Anthony was not a cold-blooded murderer and it got her off, much to the shock of the world.

Anthony’s parents’ former attorney Mark Lippman told CELEB that he has been removed from the Anthony clan, “I haven’t repped George and Cindy for a couple of years now, so I haven’t spoken with them. I’m still raising my two girls and trying to figure out this coronavirus like everybody else. I mainly do Landlord Tenant cases now.”

Turning Over A New Leaf

Anthony hasn’t been stirring up any recent attention or trouble in South Florida, according to the local authorities.

“I’ve heard the rumors that she lived in our city, but we haven’t seen her,” a rep for the West Palm Beach Police Department told CELEB. “I’ve heard several times that there’s been sightings of her, that’s sort of the joke around the police station, if we’re going to run into her or not.”

“Since she’s a citizen, we wouldn’t follow her around or anything,” another local PIO in Coconut Creek, Florida explained. “We have high profile people that come through here and unless they call us and tell us they need assistance we don’t interfere.”

Prosecutors had painted the picture that Casey Anthony had killed her daughter so that she could continue living her party lifestyle, not a crazy theory since Anthony was found to be living it up, hanging with dudes, and even got a tattoo right after little Caylee had gone “missing.” Now, with coronavirus throwing a wrench in just about everyone’s social life, at least the scorned mom is working hard and staying safe.

The avid sunbather who famously jetted off to the British Virgin Islands to soak up some rays on the beach after her release, has not even been spotted getting her tan on since late last year. And apparently, she still shamelessly uses her full name.

“Casey’s been here twice,” an employee of South Beach Tanning Company in Coconut Creek, Fla. told CELEB after looking up her tanning record. “The last time she came in was August 7 of last year.”

Caylee Marie Anthony would have turned 15 on August 9.