Metropolitan Museum

The Met Considering Selling Off Artwork to Cushion Bleak Deficit

As the pandemic stretches into its second year, places of gathering like art galleries and museums continue to see financial record lows. Faced with serious

Donald Trump Federal Buildings

Trump Signs Surprisingly Controversial Executive Order About Federal Buildings

The American people – and their politicians – don’t agree on many things. But it seems like a home run for a president to issue

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden Preps First Solo Art Show – Yes, THAT Hunter Biden!

The son of President-elect Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, has made a lot of news this year. And now he’s making headlines again, but this time

Banksy House

$500K Home of New Banksy Mural May Now Be Worth $5 Million!

Secretive street mural artist Banksy has been unusually active over the past few months. With several new public art pieces, and several public statements on

Jeffrey Epstein Sotheby's

Christie’s and Sotheby’s Asked to Turn Over Docs Related to Jeffrey Epstein

The investigation into sex offender Jeffrey Epstein‘s sex trafficking ring has led down some dark and alarming paths. Many powerful people have been caught up

Monolith Utah

Are Aliens Dropping Monoliths Around the World? Third Mysterious Object Appears in California

Lovers of 2001: A Space Odyssey can rejoice; their favorite story is playing out in real life. Specifically, one part of the story. A monolith

Banker David Schrader

Former Banker David Schrader Leads Sotheby’s in Unlikely Private Sale Successes

When you picture someone to head the private sales division of a world-famous art auction house, a former banker is probably not the first person

Lucas Museum

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Looks to Become Part of Society Rather Than a Box of Society’s Memories

Few museums have been as eagerly anticipated as the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Built over a sprawling and strategically-placed complex, the Lucas is looking

Bodies Found in Pompeii

Archaeologists Unearth Two New Bodies in Pompeii

Archaeologists studying the ancient Roman city of Pompeii have unearthed two new remains. Amidst the ashes from the ancient eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the stories

Art Heist

Samsung Enters the World of Art-Crime Sleuths With Exhibit Displaying Stolen Masterpieces

Samsung is not just about phones and dishwashers. The tech company has now partnered with an art crime expert for an online exhibit featuring stolen