body cams police shooting

Body Cams: Revealing a World of Secrets Once Hidden

In the heat of any tense moment, it’s easy to mistake details. Either your perspective is limited, your memory is foggy, or you’re embarrassed or

Paul Flores Kristin Smart

Finally! Paul Flores Arrested in 25-year-old Kristin Smart Murder Case

25 years ago, a CalTech student went missing on the way to her dorm after a party. After connecting with a fellow student who promised


Terror at Turnberry Towers, Unexplained Death at Celeb-Friendly Address Leaves Residents Perplexed

The early morning of April 2 was just like any other at the ivory Turnberry Towers just off Paradise Road on Karen Avenue in Las

OJ Simpson Las Vegas

OJ Simpson Vs The Cosmopolitan: Defamation Lawsuit Settled After Another Vegas Showdown

While OJ Simpson hasn’t been in the news much recently, there was a time when his name dominated every headline. The former NFL player and


WeWork, Peloton, And Zappos: Redefining Corporate Culture or Corporate Cults?

Charismatic leaders in business can have a tendency to make irrational, uncalculated moves. However, observing certain CEOs can make you question their motives, and gain

Monique Munoz teen killed

Teen Driver Who Killed Monique Munoz in Lamborghini Wreck Has Been Booked by LAPD!

After weeks of public outcry and speculation, charges have been filed against the teen driver who killed 32-year-old Monique Munoz. Once the teen driver of

Zach Avery

Actor Zach Avery Busted for Masterminding Multi-Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Hollywood celebrities can be the focus of myriad kinds of investigations. Big name arrests in the city of angels is not uncommon. However, one of

Elizabeth Holmes Theranos court

Where is Elizabeth Holmes – Founder of Theranos?

In the mid 2010’s, Theranos was a booming biotech company that promised customers a way to accurately, conveniently, and with very little blood shed, test

rehab sober living brokering

White-Collar Crime: Body Brokering in Sober Living and Rehabilitation Centers in the U.S.

All across the country, the opioid epidemic burns like a wildfire. From the pill mills of south Florida to the high-class and high volume L.A.

David Dobrik

David Dobrik Steps Down from App Startup as Controversy Swirls

YouTuber David Dobrik has been on top of the social media world since the days of Vine. Once described as, “this generation’s Jimmy Fallon,” Dobrik’s