Elizabeth Holmes

Guilty: What’s Next for Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes

The world was spellbound by the trial of Elizabeth Holmes. Clever, charming, not the face you’d expect of a high-profile fraudster; Elizabeth Holmes represented more

Los Angeles Model Killed

UPDATE: LA Model Killed by ‘Masked Men,’ Body Dumped at Hospital

It’s a stunning and heartbreaking story that has gripped the world. A Los Angeles-based model goes missing and her body is dumped at a hospital,

Michael Goguen

Michael Goguen Draws Focus to Sordid Sex Scandals of the Ultra-Rich

Deep in the Rocky Mountains, the rivers splash and the winds whistle through pine forests, largely untouched by man. Bears roam and eagles soar, one


PSG Star Arrested for Hiring Hitmen to Take Out Rival

Sports beefs are legendary. Sometimes, star athletes pick beefs with one another to get the buzz generating, other times they do it out of genuine

Henry Ruggs III

UPDATE: Woman Dies in Car Wreck with Drunk Raiders’ Henry Ruggs III

A Las Vegas Raiders’ star player is under fire for causing a fatal car wreck. Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III was arrested this week

Heidi Planck

Ex-Husband Thinks LA Mom’s Disappearance is Tied to Her Work

Missing Los Angeles mom Heidi Planck has captured the world’s attention. Now, her ex-husband Jim Wayne is speaking out and says he believes that Planck’s

Dorit Kemsley

RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley Robbed at Gunpoint While at Home with Kids

A nightmare came to life in her home for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley. While sleeping in her home, with her kids snoozing

Drug Dealer Mac Miller

Drug Dealer Involved In Mac Miller’s Death Accepts Plea Deal

The death of Malcom James McCormick, famously known as “Mac Miller” has been being mourned since September 7th, 2018. The young American Rapper was only 26


Tik-Tok Star Accused of Killing Wife and ‘Companion’

When you’re a social media influencer, almost every facet of your life is under a microscope. Whether you’re having a bad day at the gas

Monique Munoz

Teen Who Killed Monique Munoz in West LA Lambo Crash Gets 9 Months

The internet has exploded with the news that Brendan Khuri has received his sentence in the high-speed crash that killed 32-year-old Monique Munoz. Since the