DaBaby Arrested

Rapper DaBaby Arrested in Beverly Hills on Concealed Weapons Charges

American rapper and hit singer/songwriter Jonathan Lyndale Kirk has been arrested again. Better known as DaBaby, the Grammy nominated musician has had a brush with

Alexander Wang Fashion

Alexander Wang Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Fashion designer Alexander Wang has always espoused a, “devil may care,” attitude. But now, it seems that there may have been something more sinister lurking

Nashville RV Bombing

Details Emerge About Nashville RV Bombing Suspect

The serenity of Christmas Day morning was shattered in downtown Nashville after a massive explosion rocked a city block. Residents expecting a quiet day at

Lor Laughlin Full House

Full House Alum Lori Loughlin Released From Prison After 2 Months

When you think of a hardened convicted criminal, Lori Loughlin is probably not the face that springs to mind. However, Loughlin just wrapped up a

Carole Baskin Tiger King

Tiger King: Carole Baskin Reveals Where All the Big Cat Stars Are Today

It hasn’t even been a year since Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness came roaring into our lives. But it’s hard to imagine a world

Jasmin Vargas Arrested

Vegas Mom Arrested in Shooting Death of Her Own 3-year-old Son

A 25-year-old Las Vegas woman has been arrested in the shooting death of her 3-year-old son. Jasmin Vargas was arrested Thursday on charges of neglect

Russian Government Hack

Russian Hack of US Government Agencies Poses ‘Grave Risk’

After days of mixed messages and uncertainty, the Trump administration finally admitted on Sunday that several key Federal agencies have been hacked. They were hacked

Kelly Turner

‘Make-a-Wish’ Mom Kelly Turner Pleads Not Guilty of Daughter’s Murder

A Colorado mom has entered a “not guilty” plea after being charged with the murder of her daughter. Mom Kelly Turner allegedly faked her daughter

Donald Trump Ross Ulbricht

Trump Considering Clemency For Convicted Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht

Since ending the stay on federal executions in July, outgoing President Donald Trump has been refusing to grant clemency to the vast majority of cases

Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Killer’s Infamous ‘340 Cipher’ Cracked by Code-Breakers Over 50 Years Later

True crime fans have been enamored with the mysteries surrounding the infamous and elusive Zodiac Killer for over fifty years now. But one of the