James Khuri Victoria Lane

A Romantic Getaway? 2021’s New Couple Raises Eyebrows

People find love in the strangest places. Sometimes, couples wind up together who you would never in a million years expect. Sometimes, the couples just

Bill Cosby released from prison

Free Again? Bill Cosby to be Released From Prison

Bill Cosby was once a household name for being wholesome, witty, and like your favorite uncle. The 83-year-old’s fall from grace was shocking, and revealed

Crypto Crime

Mass Shootings and Crypto Crime: Inside the New Wave of Cyber Gang Warfare Plaguing America

Over the Memorial Day weekend, a horrific mass shooting occurred in Miami. In the wake of a shooting that left several dead and multiple people

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey’s Life Behind Bars and What He Faces Next

Los Angeles prosecutors have been pushing to get disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein extradited to LA from New York. Weinstein is currently serving a 23

Vegas Storm Drains

New Book Shares Stories From Those Who Have Lived Inside Las Vegas’ Infamous Tunnels

A club without music and a casino without gambling are not reality. So what’s a city without homeless people? Well, that could be how Las

Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival: A Timeline of Events Leading to Latest Class Action Settlement

Fraud, fiasco, failure: these are the words that describe the dreaded 2017 Fyre Festival. This event goes down in history as one that defrauded thousands of ticketholders

body cams police shooting

Body Cams: Revealing a World of Secrets Once Hidden

In the heat of any tense moment, it’s easy to mistake details. Either your perspective is limited, your memory is foggy, or you’re embarrassed or

Paul Flores Kristin Smart

Finally! Paul Flores Arrested in 25-year-old Kristin Smart Murder Case

25 years ago, a CalTech student went missing on the way to her dorm after a party. After connecting with a fellow student who promised


Terror at Turnberry Towers, Unexplained Death at Celeb-Friendly Address Leaves Residents Perplexed

The early morning of April 2 was just like any other at the ivory Turnberry Towers just off Paradise Road on Karen Avenue in Las

OJ Simpson Las Vegas

OJ Simpson Vs The Cosmopolitan: Defamation Lawsuit Settled After Another Vegas Showdown

While OJ Simpson hasn’t been in the news much recently, there was a time when his name dominated every headline. The former NFL player and