Taylor Swift Evermore

Who Is Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Evermore’ About? A Complete Breakdown Of The Lyrics

It’s here, you guys! Yep, Taylor Swift dropped her ninth studio album, Evermore, on Friday, December 11, and we cannot stop listening to it! But

Shawn Mendes Singer

Shawn Mendes Says He Almost Quit Music After His Anxiety Made Him Lose The Ability To Sing

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Taylor Swift Evermore

Taylor Swift Announces Surprise New Album ‘Evermore’ — Everything You Need To Know

Did anyone else wake up this morning, check their phone and let out a scream?! Well, we sure did because Taylor Swift just dropped the

Louis Tomlinson Album

Louis Tomlinson Spills On His Upcoming Second Album — Everything We Know About His New Music

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Shawn Mendes Wonder

All The Tea Shawn Mendes Spilled On Camila Cabello In New Album ‘Wonder’ — Break Down Of Lyrics

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Everything The One Direction Guys Have Said About Their Time In The Band — The Good & The Bad

When One Direction announced their hiatus back in 2015, it was definitely heartbreaking for millions of people all over the world. As fans know, the

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Everything We Know So Far About Billie Eilish’s New Album — Release Date, Track List, More

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Drake and The Weeknd

Drake Backs the Weeknd, Calls for Grammys to Be Replaced After Snubbing Black Artists Again

After the Grammys once again opted to snub successful Black artists in their nomination process, artists like the Weeknd have been speaking out against the

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From Rapper to Entrepreneur, A Deeper Look into Travis Scott’s Successful Business Ventures

The entertainment industry is known to be one of the most dominant professions anyone can partake in. But the year 2020 challenged that statement once

John Lennon Estate

Sean Lennon Takes More Control Over John Lennon Estate

The son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sean Ono Lennon, as reported by the New York Post, is poised to take control of John