Olivia Henry More than just a Beautiful Face

Olivia Henry just released Beautiful as a music video. As the video begins, her magnetic voice commands your attention to immediately listen, drawing you in


MSNBC Producer resigns, calling ratings-driven reporting, “a cancer.”

Media bias is a topic oft-discussed when politics are involved. One side always claims the other is reporting disingenuous, or sometimes outright inaccurate, information about

Desmond Myers

Desmond Myers- Playing With Fire Review

We were first introduced to Desmond Myers from Spotify’s Discover weekly. As soon as we heard this track, we knew we had to give a


The World Needs Teddi Gold’s Boom Boom At This Exact Moment

Here at CELEB we love discovering new music. Artist Teddi Gold recently released her new single Boom Boom. Being in “COVID” times as they call it, we are always


Taylor Swift reignites Kanye West Feud—Drops Folklore On The Day Ye’s New Album Is Due

The Taylor Swift / Kanye West feud is legendary and has been rumbling on for over 10 years – but we certainly didn’t think it’s


Kanye West Unveils New Album Amidst Twitter Rant

Kanye West has had a busy week which has ended up with him revealing a new album! As the weekend was ending, West had his


Don’t Bet On Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2020

We all love a music festival, particularly the Electric Daisy Carnival, and 2020 was set to be a great year of music and fun under


Broadway Members React To Extended Closure

Broadway is hurting and it needs help as the closure is extended. While many industries have taken a hit during the pandemic, one that people


Betty Moon’s Translucent Is The Quarantine Remedy

Betty Moon has always been an innovative artist that I have enjoyed listening to. When I heard that she was releasing a new EP entitled


Hamilton Getting Canceled Is Absurd

I was very excited to review Hamilton this week, as it had debuted on Disney Plus (Disney’s streaming service) this past weekend. Sadly, though, this