Las Vegas Day Parties and Nightclubs Pivot, Opening as Pools and Lounges—But It’s Not Business As Usual

Just when we thought all hope was lost for a summer of fun in the sun in Las Vegas, Hakkasan Group and MGM Resorts announced


Southern California COVID Virus Surge Amid Claims Javier’s Cantina Newport Beach is Covering-Up TEN Staff Member Infections

Southern California is suffering a surge in new COVID virus infections since the White House entered “phase three” of its official plan for “Opening Up

Image of a faceless mystery man with large question mark instead of face

Who is Q? Theory of Why QAnon Started as Controversial as Alt-Right Movement Itself

Who is Q has been the subject of countless articles, debates and arguments ever since he first popped up on 4chan back in late 2017.


Superintendent Elizabeth Jewett of Watchung Hills Regional High School Breaks Silence On Why She Hasn’t Called Glenda DeFabio’s Family

This morning, we exclusively reported that Glenda DeFabio and her family had yet to hear from superintendent Elizabeth Jewett of Watchung Hills Regional High School. 


Watchung Hills Regional High School’s Superintendent Has Not Reached Out To Glenda’s Family

Yesterday, we reported on a sad situation in which a Special Education student named Glenda DeFabio from Watchung Hills Regional High School in Warren, New Jersey, was excluded from


Tulsa braces for impact as Trump-ers prepare to ‘peacefully’ rally

As America calms itself from last week’s riots, Tulsa is still living in fear as Republican Mayor G.T. Bynum sets a curfew of 10 p.m.

Wachtung Hills Regional High School excludes special ed students from Yearbook

Watchung Hills Regional High School Excludes Special Ed Students From Yearbook

A shocking Facebook post regarding Watchung Hills Regional High School excluding special ed students from their Yearbook has surfaced.

MS 13 gang member Rafa in jail pruno shanks locks in socks

Inside MS-13 World’s Most Violent Gang: Jail 101—Pruno, Shanks & Locks in Socks

As CelebMagazine previously reported in part one, two, and three of its six-part series, Rafa, a fully-fledged member of MS-13 the world’s most notorious &


Cecilia Johnson- The Democratic Philosophy Has Failed Our Community

In part 1 of our interview with Cecilia Johnson, we talked a great deal about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests that are currently ongoing


A Dry Summer for Las Vegas’ Wettest Pool Party

While Las Vegas’ casino doors are now unlocked after an almost three-month COVID-hiatus, noticeably absent from the entertainment offerings are dayclubs and nightclubs, which are