Yelp And Kathy Hilton Share Tips on How to Prepare for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are near and everyone is working on getting their homes ship shape for festivities. Whether you’re a

Turkey Day

Turkey Day, Synonymous With Downtime: Activities to Unwind With

Turkey Day, aka Thanksgiving, is the best holiday. Don’t @ me, just think about it. The night before is known for being biggest party night


Viral TikTok Foods So Treasured That They Became A Candle Scent

Last year we had a lot of time on our hands to exercise new habits. Some people took on crocheting or became fitness inspirations and


Six Tips for College Students to Improve Their Educational Achievements

Although college life is beautiful in that it makes people more intelligent and adapted to society, there are moments that sometimes put students at a

Happy Dad

Update: Happy Dad Seltzer: The New Taste of The Summer

NELK on YouTube has been at the center of a few controversies over the years, but they’ve also been the driving force behind some really

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Anticipates Busy Wedding Year Along With 4-3-21 Palindrome Date

With many milestone events, including weddings, being postponed over the last 12 months, 2021 is shaping up to be the year of love. One of

Maria Sharapova

Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova Debuts Furniture Collection With Rove Concepts

Former tennis pro Maria Sharapova partners with Rove Concepts for her debut furniture collection. The Maria Collection incorporates natural textures with warm, neutral tones overlaid


Disney’s California Adventure To Reopen For Food Event

Disney’s California Adventure is set to reopen for a ticketed food event. The theme park’s Buena Vista Street has been open for dining and shopping

Obama's Whitehouse Christmas

Presidential Christmas Portraits Through the Years

With the 2020 White House Christmas decorations recently revealed, it’s the perfect time to revisit portraits through the years. The White House has always been

Asya Branch Miss USA

The New Miss USA is… Mississippi!

The moment of truth is finally revealed. After weeks anticipation and conquering the unknown of the pandemic, were finally able to know the new title