EU Removes US From COVID ‘Safe Travel’ List, Ruining Plans

Some tourists are finding their plans for international travel dashed today, after the European Union announced they would be removing the US from their COVID


FL Gov DeSantis Loses Vital Court Battle Over School Mask Mandates

Usually when you think of school board meetings, you think of lively debates about the lengths of shorts, or math curriculum. But over the past

Kabul airport

Explosion Near Kabul Airport: What We Know Now

On Thursday, the city of Kabul in Afghanistan was rocked by explosions as people scrambled to evacuate from the country that has quickly fallen to

Vaccinated Americans

UPDATE: FDA Grants Approval to Pfizer Vaccine, Boosters Required

Vaccinated Americans have another round to go, according to the CDC. News broke this week that those who are fully vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna

Women Children Afghanistan

Women and Children Most Vulnerable to Taliban Advances in Afghanistan

The world has been watching in horror as Afghanistan quickly falls again to Taliban rule. Civilians have tried to flee in fear, and cities crumble

Taliban Afghanistan US troops

UPDATE: Taliban Sweeps Like Fire Across Afghanistan as US Troops Withdraw

It’s only been a few months since international troops have begun withdrawing from Afghanistan after a bloody and protracted war there, but things are already

Street Racing Burbank Crash

Street Racing Likely Cause in Burbank Crash that Killed 3 Innocents

Another high-speed crash in Los Angeles has torn more families apart. On August 3rd, three people were killed in a horrific crash in Burbank, California.

Prince Andrew

Epstein Accuser Virginia Guiffre Sues Prince Andrew for Sexual Abuse

It’s been less than a year since Prince Andrew signaled that he was considering returning to public royal duties after royally flubbing his response to

Andrew Cuomo

UPDATE: NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Firestorm

The governor of New York State is under the public’s microscope again after the conclusion of an investigation. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was being investigated

UN Report

Fires Rage, Flood Waters Rise; UN Report Waves Red Flags

For the past several decades, the issue of human-accelerated Climate Change has been a hot-button topic. But in recent years, science has been gathering a