Kanye West Reveals ‘I Almost Killed My Daughter’ At Presidential Campaign Rally

While Kanye West has become known recently for holding a “Sunday Service” each week, today he decided to put that aside in order to hold


Will Ghislaine Maxwell Go To Jail Or Spill Jeffrey Epstein’s Dirty Secrets to Save her Skin?

Will Ghislane Maxwell go to Jail? That’s the question on everybody’s lips right now. Or, will the alleged Madam spill Jeffrey Epstein’s dirty secrets to


QAnon Karen Melissa Rein Lively breaks silence on Arizona Target mask trashing arrest

Today, we received the following email with an unsolicited, exclusive statement from Melissa Rein Lively (who has been dubbed over the past week as the Scottsdale Arizona Target

Kanye West Twitter

Kanye West Is Running For President To Help Donald Trump Win

Unless you’re living under a rock at this point, you’ve likely heard that Kanye West has announced that he is running for President against Donald


Arizona’s “QAnon Karen” – Why We Should Be Concerned About Melissa Rein Lively aka the Target Mask Trasher’s Mental Health

As our readers and followers are aware, on Friday Celeb Magazine parted ways with Melissa Rein Lively, our Travel Editor. We had been made aware

Ghislaine Maxwell went from Jeffrey Epstein's girlfriend to BFF

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested: Jeffrey Epstein Girlfriend Charged With Sex Crimes By FBI in New Hampshire

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested: Jeffrey Epstein girlfriend/madam charged with 6 crimes by FBI in New Hampshire

Donald Trump will lose the 2020 election

Donald Trump Is Going To Lose The 2020 Election

Donald Trump is going to lose the 2020 election. There, I said it.  Perhaps I should add “if he doesn’t change course, and, like, yesterday.” 

Cancel culture and Bill Cosby

Cancel Culture – What It Means And Why It Could Be Doing The Strive For Racial Equality More Harm Than Good

Cancel Culture is not a new term. The term has been used for some time now, with people like Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson being


The Hypocrisies of Phil Murphy’s Covid-19 Management Plan

When the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year, no one had ever been through something like this before. While there were warning signs coming in-


Facebook Ad Ban Crisis—Mark Zuckerberg Desperate After $56 Billion Stock Market Plunge

The Facebook ad ban crisis has left Mark Zuckerberg desperate after a $56 billion stock market plunge in share prices and an estimated $60 million