Hillsong Brian Houston

Hillsong’s Founder Brian Houston Hid Father’s Child Sexual Abuses

The founder of megachurch Hillsong, Brian Houston, has been ordered to appear in court. According to police, he helped conceal his father’s horrendous sex crimes

NYC Dining

NYC Dining Requires Proof of Vaccination: Will Other Cities Follow?

New York City just announced that they would require proof of vaccination for indoor dining establishments and gyms, along with other entertainment venues. It’s a

Hudson Yards' Vessel

Teen Boy Dies by Suicide at NYC’s Vessel; It May Now Close for Good

A New York City landmark may be closing permanently after it’s struck by tragedy, again. The Hudson Yards’ Vessel has been beset by woes since

Richard Branson space race

Update: Richard Branson Pulls Ahead in Space Race, Beating Bezos

The billionaire space race has heated up again. It seemed for a time that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos would win the day, after he announced plans

Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Falls Silent: Is This A Sign of Things to Come?

One of the world’s party centers, the Greek island of Mykonos, has gone silent. In the face of growing COVID case numbers, the government has

South Korea K Pop

No More BTS in Gyms? S Korea Bans Fast-Paced Music Workouts

No more sweating! That’s probably the worst gym slogan you can imagine, but it’s what South Korean officials want gyms across the country to embrace.

Miami condo collapsed

Update: Miami Beachside Condo Collapses; What We Know Now

Miami is known for its electric nightlife. But by early morning, the city is usually winding down, slumbering for the start of the next day

Jeff Bezos

The Billionaire Space Race Continues as Jeff Bezos Plans to Blast Off

The billionaire space race is nothing new. For decades, those with an excess of cash have been battling to be the first to conquer the

George Floyd

One Year After the Murder of George Floyd: What’s Changed?

It’s been one year since the murder of George Floyd. One year since the desperate gasp of a dying man was heard ’round the world,


Bitcoin Bombs: Cryptocurrency Destabilizes, Causing Panic and Market Concern

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. In the last year alone, popularity in digital currency has surged and people have turned to it more