George Floyd

One Year After the Murder of George Floyd: What’s Changed?

It’s been one year since the murder of George Floyd. One year since the desperate gasp of a dying man was heard ’round the world,


Bitcoin Bombs: Cryptocurrency Destabilizes, Causing Panic and Market Concern

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. In the last year alone, popularity in digital currency has surged and people have turned to it more

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Scandals: Medina Spirit is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Every year, people put on silly hats and dress to the nines to watch the Kentucky Derby. For Louisville, it’s a culture unto itself. The


Shortages Everywhere: Gas, Chick-Fil-A Sauce, Ketchup – What’s Next?!

The year is 2020 and the stores of the United States have become a battleground; people going to war for the last roll of toilet

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Receives $412.8M IPO in Impressive First Step

The Honest Company has had some ups and downs over the years. Launched in 2011, the brainchild of actress Jessica Alba offers baby and kid

Bill Gates

May Brings Big News in the World of Big Business

Nearly halfway through quarter two, the business world is acting like quarter one freshmen. Big news is breaking seemingly every other day as companies vie

restaurant industry unemployment crisis

Open for Business But No One to Work: Restaurant Industry Faces Employment Crisis

The hospitality industry is continuing to feel the effects of the pandemic as doors are beginning to open again and capacity restrictions are easing in

Space Dragon Musk UFO

What on Earth is Happening in Space?!

Space may be the final frontier, but don’t expect space tumbleweeds and whistling winds; it’s busy up there. Even on a slow day, the skies

Caitlyn Jenner California governor

Caitlyn Jenner Makes Bid for California Governor Official

California is the state of stars. Cinema and TV stars, that is. So it makes sense that their politics would represent their most well-known citizens,

Florida Texas vaccine passports

Vaccine Passports: Florida and Texas Say ‘No Way!’

The coronavirus in the United States has just passed a grim milestone; one year and one month. But people across the country are seeing a